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  1. Thread repairing, sand blasting and a proper mechanic in/around West London

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I'm looking for a shop (or someone) to repair a few threads (snapped bolts), someone who does sandblasting and a proper motorbike mechanic in West London. If you know any of them please let me know, thanks.
  2. Painting and blasting services looking for some recommendations..also clutch?

    Africa Twin
    I have a 1994 RD07 which I'm taking to bits to replace the countershaft + bearing(very worn splines). I would quite like to repaint it in later model blue (PB 273M) and red (R127?) RD07A colours. Can anyone recommend someone who does good work in the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire etc...
  3. Powder coating Vs Hammerite spray on

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm rushing & prep'ing a frame for a rebuild for next week and have just been offered a powdercoating for free on top of the bead blasting service a local garage offers. I've got tons of Hammerite spray so I can easily do 3 - 5 layers. But can anyone conclusively say if perhaps a powdercoating...
  4. Soda blasting

    After many useful posts on this excellent forum, I had a go at blasting with soda. I came to the conclusion that in order to the old beemer back to any sort of order would require me to spend endless hours with wire discs, emery cloth etc. But chapeeeeeezzz, this soda blasting is really the...
  5. Shot blasting

    Anybody bought any of this kit ?, any pros and cons ?? Don't want to go overboard wonga wise as it is just for de scaling the beemer :D I may have access to a compressor which may simplify the issue:thumbup: Any recommendations would be appreciated
  6. Help for a newby

    Africa Twin
    Hi all just aquire my very first AT and looking for advice, currently engine is out of frame and i won't to clean and paint it. Can anybody advise is bead blasting the way to go or paint striper followed by a paint job any advice most welcome thanks:thumbup:
  7. Just found a brilliant DIY TV channel

    Mechanical Advice
    This is great - I need to buy a compressor now Ep 16: DIY soda blasting – build your own rig! at Garage Night The one on prepping aluminium is going to be employed on my wheels...
  8. Yet another new project XRV 650 - The Chubby Cherub

    Africa Twin
    ;)Well as some of you may know I have a new toy in the garage an RD03 XRV 650 courtesy of Kitped of this parish which I went over to pick up last weekend and having got some decent mileage on her I'm going to do a bit of a strip down and rebuild, but seriously don't want her off the road too...
  9. North Wales Trails 23rd or 24th July

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Have a day spare (not sure which yet, need to confirm...apparently Im expected at my nephews birthday party and not sure which day it is yet), anyone interested a day blasting through the North Wales trails, either 23rd or 24th August. Thinking Llangollen to Betwy-s-coed. Been months since I...
  10. Yet more maintenance questions! (Help me before I do something daft!)

    OK: as some may have seen in my other maintenance thread, the rear end is in pieces. Only the swing arm to go. I now have some tasks that I need input on before taking stuff apart. I will powder coat the swing arm. Rear Linkage: is it worth blasting, then powder coating the various shock...
  11. Dumb Barsturds "Rant"

    Africa Twin
    As I walked out of the work canteen I noticed black smoke coming from where my bike was parked in the motorcycle bay of a car park, as I got close some dumb a*se stopped me and ses you cant go in there mate, we are burning off the lines in the car bays. This bloke had this white hot lance...
  12. 2011 Seveylor Tahiti Plus 3 person inflatable canoe

    Product Reviews
    Sort of bike related (it will possibly all fit on your bike) Saw some people canoeing in inflatables last year and thought that would be great for me, the wife and son :toothy10: So had a browse and got one last week from here (was delivered next day and was the cheapest I could find) ...
  13. Honda xr400 repaint/powder coat frame

    I have recently bought an xr400 which I would like to strip down to powder coat/repaint the frame. Are there any tips/techincal sections or do's and don'ts that anyone can offer please? I am considering using one of these two firms unless anyone knows better? Windridge Coatings – Powder coat...
  14. New (old) TA

    Just returned to two wheels on a 1996 TA with a genuine 12,000 miles, it's a wee cracker. Been browsing your forum for reviews, so I knew what I was getting - excellent forum, going to subscribe, it's only fair as I've picked up loads of worthwhile advice here. Only dry riding so far and the...
  15. More (different) North Wales Trails 21/08/10

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a spare day so decided to hit the trails in North Wales once again.....but this time opted not to drop straight down to Llangollen but instead to try a few different trails. I had marked up a "Vale of Clwyd" map (OS 264) a while ago but had yet to sample the trails. So decided today was the...
  16. Trail Riding weekend - North Wales

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Just seeing if anyone is interested at this stage. I realise XRV'ers are spread throughout the country so cant really justify blasting up to North Wales for a days trail riding. It makes a long day depending on where you are located. So how about starting a bit later on a Saturday, say...
  17. Wanted: Xr650 R? L? ?????

    For Sale / Wanted
    Xr650 R? L? SEARCH IS OVER Wanted XR650 not 100% sure of all the differences between the models. wanted mainly for commuting/weekend blasting on the twisties here in west wales, and also the very occasional green lane.will probably put on some supermoto wheels for the commuting side of life...
  18. Hub corrosion?

    Africa Twin
    Since I'm almost ready to shell out 400 quid+ to Hagon to rebuild my wheels with new alloy rims and stainless spokes, I need to decide whether I can get away with doing nothing to the hubs. They offer shot blasting and lacquering / painting BUT for both wheels that's easily gonna add another 80...
  19. Todays ride Essex/Suffolk

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just a few pics and hopefully (if the links work) some os maps of the green lanes :thumbleft: Had my pass for the morning, so after a nice brekky off i went - weather over here was pretty cold - quite a strong wind and a couple of Hail showers during the ride - summers here :joker: Lots of...
  20. John O Groats to Lands End

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Departed from Westbury, Wiltshire on Friday 26th. Rode up into the Cotswolds to Cheltenham then iPod on to hit the M5 then M6 to the Lakes. Stayed with friends at Graythwaite for the night. Saturday To Ambleside and up 'the struggle' (no kidding) to Kirkstone Pass, fantastic ride with mountains...