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  1. Exhaust Help

    Dominator / FMX
    Morning All, I was wondering if someone could measure the internal diameter of the tail pipe exit on the dominator exhaust for me please? I got my domi scrambler running at the weekend but it's ear bleed loud so I want to design a baffle to go in the cans I'm running. From reading other posts...
  2. Fitting race lines - HEL ONES - how do I back bleed?

    Africa Twin
    Need to fit new Hel lines. Read a few reviews on here where people have had some problems fitting them, so wondered what is the easiest option to fit these? If I reverse bleed do I fill one line up to the reservoir then move on to the other one...then what?
  3. poor front brakes

    Africa Twin
    ihave replaced one seized piston all pistons push in with two screw drivers quite easy. also have replaced hoses with braided hoses. brakes are spongy and no braking power. you would be afraid to ride this bike. if i leave lever held in for a few hours lever becomes better. but then after a...
  4. Cant bleed brakes - new piston rear

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, I have replaced the rear piston and seals on my Nissan caliper. I cant get the dam thing to work now. I have tried to bleed but it wont seem to? Any tips??
  5. SOAPY Brake line BLEEDER

    Spotted on't'interweb ... “So, around your house you’ve probably got those handy liquid soap dispensers, the ones with the little push pump on the top. Well don’t throw them away when finished because that pump is absolutely perfect to bleed brakes with. Simply attach a tube to the bleed nipple...
  6. Bleeding Brakes Issue (RD03)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Today I was servicing the rear brake and all was going well until I started trying to bleed the system, after pumping the rear brake pedal for over an hour I couldn't get any pressure at all. I have blead brakes a few times before and haven't had this issue. The reservoir was full...
  7. XL600 master cylinders - is there more than one size?

    XL Technical Specs
    Hi guys, Front brake on my 1985 XL600 was getting spongy so after trying the obvious brake bleed I've order a kit online to do the master cylinder, but it's about 1mm too small in the old diameter measurements. I then ordered a second kit (from a different place) and was sent the same kit. The...
  8. Transalp 700 abs brake fluid change

    Ive just been changing brake fluid front calipers alls gone well but ive noticed on the near side caliper there are two bleed nipples? One connected to off side caliper but the lower one is not,are these brakes linked and how can i bleed this nearside calipers lower nipple? Ive sent for a haynes...
  9. Rebuild front brake claiper.....then.....drop!

    Hi! I have just rebuild the front brake caliper on my 96 TA.......put it back on, hooked up brake line and bleed the lines........and then after some testing and compressing the dreaded drop under the caliper!! :( One of the pistons must have warped a seal when I pushed them in. :( My question...
  10. dommy callipers HELP

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello people, I'm in desperate need of a 1988 rd02 front caliper There is a bike being broken on the bay but seller slow to reply What if any other options do I have ? Any other callipers fit ? any one on here know of any I have new pads piston bleed nipple and seals just the housing I need Any...
  11. TA 650 rear brake piston seals now done

    So this weekend was nasty out so I cleaned up the front brakes / piston seals and popped in a new set of pads . Today , it was time to tackle the rear .. Caliper off , piston blown out .. the inside of the piston was in good condition as were the seals . not much cleaning then , (not...
  12. Possibly Killed Front Brakes?

    MACHANICAL ADVICE PLEASE: Front brake calliper was sticking so took it off to clean the pistons by pumping them out just far enough to cleaner. One piston has jammed out and wouldn’t budge so though I’d bleed it to release some pressure but that didn’t work so took the brake line off...
  13. length of RD07 rear brake hose

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone measured the length of an RD07 rear brake hose (e.g. to get someone to make up a braided one for them)? It's tricky to get a good measurement on the bike, and I don't want to take it off as I can't bleed the rear brake right now. Sure I can manage, but it just occurred to me that...
  14. are RD07 rear calipers all interchangeable?

    Africa Twin
    Wondering if a 1995 rear caliper would fit a 2001 (RD07a, XRV750Y)? I'm pretty certain all variants of the RD07 have the same front calipers, but now I think about it I'm not sure about the rear! (I won't bother you all with my sorry tale of sheared off bleed nipple, but to be honest the rear...
  15. Ever had one of those days

    I know I can be forgetful at times and forget where I've put small items... but now I've lost a whole brake calliper!!! I had a bleed nipple shear off one yesterday so I thought I'd put my spare in place whilst I sort out the original.. So I disassembled the spare and found a slightly scored...
  16. Front Master Cylinder Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys, I've recently picked up a 88 R02 dominator in a bit of a sorry state. The brakes were ceased so I took the front calliper off replaced the seals and then tried to bleed. Lots of air in the system but I persevered but to no avail. I decided that the master cylinder must need attention...
  17. honda dominator help needed with oil bleeding

    Dominator / FMX
    hi ive recently fitted a new engine but do i need to bleed the oil threw? if so how do i do it?
  18. Brakes now fully locked up

    Africa Twin
    OK, got the 320mm floating disc on and @ front wheel mounted back up at weekend. the Ktmp WP forks all sitting right and have them slid up though yokes to try keep front end down a bit went bleed brakes and was awful problems, fluid wouldnt move down through the lines. so i back bled it from...
  19. REAR nissin BRAKE CALIPER - interchangeable with other bikes?

    Africa Twin
    hi all. looking to swap over my rear caliper - there are a few similar looking calipers out on ebay, but is the @ different, or are they pretty much all the same(bar the bleed nipple and uniion being the main difference on the cbr600/900's: bikes Ive identified as looking like having an...
  20. Greasing bleed nipples!

    Mechanical Advice
    Having just struggled to remove a corroded bleed nipple from my front caliper I'm wondering if I should lightly grease the new stainless replacements or do I risk contaminating the fluid? Cheers