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  1. Bleeding Brakes Issue (RD03)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Today I was servicing the rear brake and all was going well until I started trying to bleed the system, after pumping the rear brake pedal for over an hour I couldn't get any pressure at all. I have blead brakes a few times before and haven't had this issue. The reservoir was full...
  2. New RD04 first podt re new bike

    Africa Twin
    Bike came this am snd seems fine, brakes needed bleeding and a flat battery which is being charged. First weirdism. The cooling fans come on when I turn the ignitition on. Is this normal?
  3. New brakes, no rear brake light

    Africa Twin
    I´ve replaced the rear disc and pads on my rd07 and it is working fine after some bleeding. However, since the brake lever now have almost no freeplay the spring connected to brake lever and rearbrake light switch does not travel to pull enough so the switch will turn on the rear brake light...
  4. Brake bleeding nightmare

    Africa Twin
    I have been bleeding my front brakes for days and still no joy, I'm running short of fluid and the one way valve I bought has now failed. I had them with a little bite at one point but now nothing. So one person, two hands can anyone give me a fool proof step be step guide. I.e. do the...
  5. honda dominator help needed with oil bleeding

    Dominator / FMX
    hi ive recently fitted a new engine but do i need to bleed the oil threw? if so how do i do it?
  6. Brake Hoses

    Mechanical Advice
    Dear All, is there any sort of standard procedure for checking whether brake hoses are in good nick, or are due to be replaced/changed? is there any general recommendation on how long they last? I am asking because those on my 2006 TA650 seem to be perfectly ok to the untrained eye, but I...
  7. Powder coating spoked wheels ( dommie) any advice please?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    would quite like to powder coat my dominator wheels all black including the spokes. Just wondered whether it's a simple matter of taking them off and delivering or whether I should do anything particular beforehand apart from checking spokes aren't loose etc. Have heard some people have problems...
  8. Spongy brake after bleeding

    Brake bleeding was Always a job I hated doing so I bought one of those pumps that sucks the fluid through. Problem is though I still have spongy brake although the bike does stop eventually....! I find that when I bleed system I get through about halt a bottle of fluid as i cant seem to get rid...
  9. Still got oil pump problems

    After rebuilding the pump on mr xr 600 with new parts and seals,all tolrances as good as new, then bleeding it as per the manual it pumps when you turn it by hand. When it was fitted to the bike it doesnt pump at all,the inlet oil pipe from the frame has been checked plenty of oil getting...
  10. Brake Fluid Change

    Right then! I'm going to attempt to change the brake fluid today. (2009 ABS model). Plan is to use a Mityvac vacum pump to draw the new fluid through at the same time as drawing the old fluid out under vacum, by continually topping up the resevoirs with new fluid, and following the recommended...
  11. Whoops, I appear to have bought another Honda V-Twin

    Other Honda
    I needed something to ride to work while I give the AT some TLC over the summer So ... Honda - check. V-Twin - check. Water cooled - check. Shaft Drive - wait, what? :o Yes, I am now the proud (?) owner of a slightly less-than-mint CX500 :p It actually goes pretty well - the brakes need...
  12. Back brake bleeding troubles..

    Having big problems with this, seem to have an airlock I cant sort? Have managed successfully to get fluid going through well 3 times with lever tightening up, with only very tiny bubbles coming into the fluid bottle at the bottom. Have then closed bleed valve up but cannot get enough fluid...
  13. Brake bleeding 990 ADV ABS

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Hi Guys, Also posted this up at the KTM forum, but I'm looking for as fast an answer as I can get... Finally got the plates for my bike, and now the brakes are spongy after sitting in the garage for 3 months. According to the local dealer, I can't bleed them on my own, as the ABS requires a...
  14. XR650R Front Fork bleeding?

    how often do the front forks need bleeding? my mates ktm needs doing everytime he goes out, he's bought some valve bleeders (makes life very easy). i'm wondering if it's the same for the xr and if it's worth looking to get some bleeder valves.
  15. Front Brake Bleeding

    I've re-built the front caliper on the XR600 (1989 RK bike) and I can't get all the air from the system. Yesterday was getting fluid into the caliper and brake line, and now i have some resistance to the lever but it still comes back to the bars and I've not got any air bubbles coming from...
  16. bleeding brakes....possible pitfalls !!

    Mechanical Advice
    evening all..........been thinking about doing a `mini ` service on me bike ( plugs, oil etc ) and possibly renewing brake fluid. i know there is a set procedure for bleeding system because of cbs. was just wondering if there was anything else i need to be aware of (e.g abs ) before i plough...
  17. Bleeding Royal Mail

    I sent a helmet, bubble-wrapped and in cardboard with "Fragile" and "handle with care" all over it, to Quaycrest. When it arrived the internal visor was broken in two places. That suggest a pretty significant bang. Obviously I refunded Quaycrest. As it happens the cashier at the PO had...
  18. Fork air bleeding valves

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Having sorted out my weeping right fork, (unbelievably by myself), was wondering if anyone has used these, in anger? Surely they must be better than undoing the little screw at the top of each fork? Living in warmer climes, where temperatures rise quite abit in the summer months, I find myself...
  19. brake bleeding nipples

    Africa Twin
    My brakes are leaking from the nipple thread. I have never removed these before but on brand new or reconditioned brakes these are shiny and silver and clean and slot into equally shiny and clean holes and they seem to allow the fluid up the thread. Is there something I should smear on them...
  20. Bleeding Brakes

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, Anybody got any tips on bleeding the front brakes on my AT. Just can't seem to get the air out with the manual method and I don't have an auto bleed kit. Do I have to buy one ? Help.