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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all My XR blew up in Southern Spain, I managed to get it back but I need a new engine really. Would be interested if anyone has a whole one or bits such as barrel, piston, left crankcase. Im in Hampshire but happy to travel or pay postage Pics and story at Ben
  2. Transalp
    Hi guys, been a tad windy today. Gust took out an oak in the field and also blew bike over onto car. Bugger. Now is there an aftermarket tank to improve range? Any options. Will a 650 tank fit? If not anyone got a decent tank? I await your wise words☺️
  3. Africa Twin
    Hay guys, My RD03 engine blew and have to be replaced. I cant find a replacement in South Africa so I was thinking to replace it with a RD04 or07. Is this possible?? Any advise would be appreciated, thanks! Desmond
  4. XL
    Hi everyone , after much searching I was delighted to buy my second lmf 600 today but I lost my battery side cover which blew off on the motorway . Can anyone help with sourcing a replacement . Rich
  5. Africa Twin
    My son Blew the seal on the bottom of the shock on a recent trip in Northern Spain, can the shock be refurbed or would it need a new one? The exhaust also blew a hole in it any recomendations for an after market one?
  6. XR
    Blew my engine yesterday and need a rebore and ConRod what makes should i avoid and whats best to use ?? thanks in advance
  7. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Still some snow about but the roads seemed to have improved a bit in Aberdeenshire so coaxed the Twin from a 3 month slumber.. bit rough.. put it down to fuel.. of to fill up. 23lt £30.. another first.. £30 in a :confused:bike road full of grit, ride lines not to good and me rusty so .. took...
  8. Africa Twin
    :( Blew over in the yard at work Smashed screen to bits Cracked nose cone around headlights Cracked front side panel It landed on an ickle GS450,i think it would have been ok if it had landed on the concrete with the crashbars So if anyone knows of some plastics or can recommend a good...
1-8 of 9 Results