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  1. Part porn

    Africa Twin
    Got some new parts for my rebuild just thought i'd share a few pics. Dunno if i've gone mad with powdercoating fever but it looks very bling.:toothy8::toothy8::toothy8::toothy8::toothy8:
  2. Advice needed on new Transalp wheels

    So my trusty 700 Transalp was recently in at the dealers having a small fortune spent on it - actually I think the dealers are very good, but it still makes me wince. Anyway, they pointed out to me the dreaded cracking of the wheel rims where the stainless spokes meet the ally rims. It's ok...
  3. For Sale: wheels & things

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi guys & gals, long shot, why? major piece of expensive bling wanted to finish project bike, & i need some pennies quick in my paypal tonight 12am, before the offer gets withdrawn. last resort, wheels! i was going to put them on ebay as germans are paying top dollar at the moment, but you folk...
  4. NX650 Dominator - Engine brackets - BRAND NEW FOR SALE - CUSTOM MADE

    Dominator / FMX
    I've been restoring these Dommies for a while now and the biggest pain in the arse is the Aluminium engine brackets. They're all rotten, perished and degraded now. And from Honda DISCONTINUED ! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :( The ones Honda made are crap anyway. Low grade aluminium...
  5. What would you do.....(final episode)

    Greetings from the Danish scouse fella. I just got back from a 500km trip to Germany to buy the fruit of my loins his first proper bike. When the owner started the bike up I got a flashback to when I was a hooligan when I smelled the two stroke fumes :clown::clown::clown:. Its a 35 yr old bike...
  6. A little bit of "Fettling"

    Bodgers Corner
    Quick couple of piccies of a little bodging I’ve just completed on some practicle bling for the F658 Plate On bike Box Bag Steve T :cool:
  7. Sold: Bmw r1100gs

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Now spoken for, so... SOLD subject to all the normal stuff
  8. Wanted: White Handguards Honda Type.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hand guards to fit Transalp 700. Standard Honda type only in white. good price paid but must be mint. Im a bit of a bling tart. If none for sale any one know were i might get my hands on a pair. Thanks in advance for any info.
  9. Happy christmas

    To the wonderful family of XRV brothers and sisters.... I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year. May all your presents be 'the bike' or 'bike bling' of your dreams :D Luv Meesh :sunny: Xx
  10. Toaster Bling (camping, for the use of)

    Product Reviews
    Yonks ago Jacqueslemac mentioned having one of these for toasting over a campstove. I saw one in Wilkinsons for the horrendous price of £1 last week and had to have one, now need to try it out !! ;)
  11. Brake upgrade, refresh

    Dominator / FMX
    building up some bits n pieces to do a braking upgrade and general refresh so far i have... 1, Honda NX 650 X Dominator 1999 - Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kit, as the rubber boot on mine has a big hole and the spring looks very rusty. 2, Honda NX 650 X Dominator 2002 Front&Rear Goldfren...
  12. Bling, Bling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,avoided the bang

    So, got a very well wrapped and shipped package from Alan H (Mivv exhaust and Arrrow headers) - many thanks Alan, a new chain from Busters and a pair of sprockets from Wemoto:D. All went reasonably well in fitting them on Friday evening. The old exhaust too a bit of brute force to get off as it...
  13. Bling luggage for AT

    Bodgers Corner
    Thinking about recent thefts of TA's I decided to get into the hait of using my disc lock. Keeping it under the seat was a bind so I needed a small bag I could mount on the bars. Wifey knows I like my quality bling and found this magnificent faux snakeskin fake D+G bag. Quality stuff, on the...
  14. A bit of Bling for the A/T

    Africa Twin
    Well this finally arrived last night, and i have day off tomorrow for fitting. First thing I have to say is i have not seen a new shock that looks so well made and put together. I will be letting Paul S give you the technical spec but i will try to do some updates from a Joe blogs point of view...
  15. gold anodized bmw gs caliper

    nothing like some bling at xmas ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bmw gs caliper anodized gold
  16. Excel Rim prices

    Africa Twin
    I am currently working for a mx company that supply aftermarket parts for mini mx (ktm58/65/85's) anyway, we supply aftermarket wheels and apparently we can get excel rims, and sm pro rims and hubs etc etc coloured with spokes and coloured nipples and all that bling for any bike size. What kind...
  17. Blowing Smoke??

    Africa Twin
    Fitted the new Remus Titanium plus a barrow load of other parts & bling, fresh oil & filter, radiator flush and then took my new (to me) AT for re-licensing after buying it as a repairable write-off. Passed no worries. Then went for a quick 300km ride on a mix of suburbia and freeways...
  18. That was close ......

    Africa Twin
    People , Just thought id better lube the chain on the bike , only to find all bar 1 of the sprocket studs nearly out 1 was just touching the swingarm WTF ... When i had the wheels done not SFX i might add the studs must of been removed for blasting and coating and whoever...
  19. Have a Facet Pump - Now for Reg Req & what else

    Africa Twin
    Ok have the facet in a box so must fit it when get time. I am now looking at other obvious issues and reg req seems be main one after pump mine is fine, but seen as i have blow so much into the bike i might aswell put the last few quid in and fix know faults instead of just bling bling and...
  20. For Sale: Tenere bling

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bike is now sold so have few bits to sell Remus twin pipe system (with everthing needed to fit) center stand K+N air filter Kev's fuel mod Barkbusters with weights (will fit other bike like Transalp etc ) Trax ali top box 38ltr with trax adapter and touratech rack (would fit any bike with...