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  1. Cold Blooded Transalp

    I have just bought my first Transalp; an XL600V-W with 23K miles on the clock. On the whole, I am very pleased with it, and it is kind to my knackered spine. On the day I collected it the temperature was hovering around 00C and, although it ran well, the needle on the temperature gauge never...
  2. Breakdown

    :confused: Hi everyone, All the best for 2010. What do you reckon to this? (Savagely abbreviated tale) Out on a local shopping trip, the Alp wouln't restart, traced to the Ign.fuse, which kept blowing, bike was recovered to friendly workshop and investigated, got better and was ridden home, but...
  3. Glad to get the big horse back!

    This weekend I had the loan of an 03 reg immaculate Honda CB1100SF X11 :D . Being a typical red blooded male, I jumped at the chance. A Blackbird with the fairing hacked off and retuned for Torque - oh my God :twisted: During the course of the weekend I outdragged my mates on their GSXR...