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  1. 1991 Tranny 600V spits back badly on overrun

    Anyone any suggestions please? Bloody embarrassing going through town. Cheers
  2. Damp Garage or Open Car Port?

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, Well its winter again here in northern Germany. Bloody freezing and damp. I have a choice of parking my pristine AT in a damp garage, which I air as much as possible, or under a car port where it will stay dry with no problem with air flow. The bike gets a coating of moisture in the...
  3. Time for a service

    Dominator / FMX
    Quick question folks, i am about to do an oil and filter change to my 89 and cannot remember if it was sump first then downtube or vice versa. It was only four months ago too :( and did i, do i dip the filter in fresh oil or put in dry ? Bloody hell i'm doting :rolleyes:
  4. Mystery bolt help

    Africa Twin
    Hi again. At the bottom of the V on the right side of my XRV650's engine is a bolt, that will not tighten, what is it for? As usual, the bloody manual doesn't mention it...
  5. Change engine number on V5 - DVLA

    Dominator / FMX
    These days if you want to change the engine number on your V5, DVLA require proof of purchase of the engine, or an engineers report from the garage that did the job (what a load of ballsocks). As the owner of several (ahem) spare engines I phoned them to ask what you're supposed to do if you...
  6. Georgie Boy RIP

    Or as my daughter's friend said last night "George Michael, guess that's the Last Christmas then...." As an off the cuff remark, a bloody good 'un.
  7. Tansalp XL600VV forks

    I have damaged the left hand fork slider (bottom at the thread where the spindle screws in). I can get second hand ones from ebay but they are from the single disk model. Now, the single disk model has the disk on the l/h/s, good, I obviously need the mounts for the calliper, but are they the...
  8. Bloody Ell

    Dominator / FMX
    Hmm, Just debaffled my Vigor using a 64mm holesaw, not been able to do the 175 carb jet mod today...... But gave her a quick run out. Unsure if I like the loudness? Will get round to doing the 175 jet next week but think I may get some DB killers made, not quite sure yet. Had straight throughs...
  9. XR and XL 250 which parts are compatible? which parts can donate from XR to XL 250

    So I have an XL250R and just realised how bloody awful it is to source parts, so I'm looking for donar bikes that have the same parts list, first and obvious choice is the bigger brother the XR250. Anyone know how similar these two are and if anyone has crossbred them already?
  10. Starter motor bearings and seal.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys, I'm rebuilding my starter motor as it went caput, stripped it all down put new brushes on and cleaned up the commutator and output shaft, and got all the bloody oil out of it. The problem I'm having though is sourcing the internal bearing and oil seal that sits in the end of the...
  11. Throttle wont 'snap' back after new grips - HELP !

    Oh lordy, why did I even bother...... Fitted the heated grips, and used hairspray as glue as usual, all good. Came back to garage after a couple of hours, noticed the throttle grip had not set (other side great), So, pulled grip off only to find the throttle 'sheath' now wont snap back! It...
  12. Solid steel rear rack for a RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I'm looking for a solid rack for my africa twin, to replace the useless plastic one. I'm looking for something like this : As far as I know, only Boano makes this.. but it's bloody expensive (130e excl transport). If I can't get anything, I'll probably go for it.. I need...
  13. An XR650L I built.

    I've bought a few of these now and have been bringing them back to 'better than new' standard. They're such a rare bike here and such a bloody fantastic bike too. Why we never got them here is a mystery. They're still produced and sell well in USA, Aus and South Africa. Unchanged since 1993...
  14. Insurance on vin plate in the UK

    Can anyone recommend an insurance company that will insure on the vin plate ? My son has just got a bike from Germany and after some insurance before getting it registered. He's already had a few silly quotes and even a few that said would insure it but won't let him ride it until it's...
  15. Rear indicators installation

    Africa Twin
    Hi, today my left rear indicator just broke off, i guess due to aged rubber.... I got replacement but how is this bloody thing installed, do I have to disassemble the complete tail section? I found a plastic cover that contains the indicators connections but how to fiddle the cables thru...
  16. ...varadero engine block colour

    ...anyone know what colour the main engine block is on the varadero thou? got a bit of a corroded one here that requires a new paint job. side casings are getting partly polished and painted matt black. ...and has anyone re-routed them bloody awful looking brake pipes? there defo getting...
  17. Bloody side panels

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anyone come up with a way to stop the sidepanels coming undone from the bottom rubber mounting and flapping open at speed?
  18. petrol tank storage

    Mechanical Advice
    heya, I'm just about to start work on the AT and I'm doing it in stages which means the tank'll be off for a few weeks. It'll be stored in a friend's garage - is there anything I should be aware of? A best practice for storing it? Maybe drain the tank? Or isn't it a significant issue? My main...
  19. Xr250 md30 2004

    Hi I have a import 250 with the upside down forks and elec start. I have just had to strip the forks as the seals were burst and now ready to put back together. My question is how much fork oil do I put in. I can't find any workshop manuals out there that tell me anything on these forks, I have...
  20. Video from a ride in north Vietnam

    Africa Twin
    Hi Lads! This is a video I made on a ride out from Hanoi last year. Let me know what you think of this way of shooting ... brings a bit more variation than just having the camera on the helmet, me thinks. Remember to watch it in HD ... took me bloody 6 hours to upload!