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  1. Africa Twin
    Made a boo boo and bought a tubeless rear tyre. I've always fitted my own but they've all been tubed tyres. This one is especially ridged and i reckon could be a bit of a bugger to get on. Anyone with any experience of fitting tubeless tyres ? Cheers Bob.
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have an rd04 runs and rides really well,the choke and idle adjustment works has they should. The problem i have is if the idle is set around the 1200-1250 rpm region from time to time the bike cuts out when idling. Having the idle set nearer the 1500 rpm the bikes revs will suddenly...
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Has per title. Ta Bob.
  4. Africa Twin
    Rd04 rear wheel bearings again ! ( Now Fixed ) Well after buying and installing some Slinky Glide rear wheel bearings from Wemoto i still have some movement in the rear hub. I've tried all sorts to find where the play in coming from and even got a engineer mate to measure it all with no...
  5. CRF - New Forum!
    Hi there, Not a lot said in the forums about gearing on the CRF230f. I bought my bike ( a 2007 model ) with the standard 13/50 set up and I could not believe how low geared it was. I am now running 14/47 and it has transformed the bike and to make it even better I'm about to go for 15/47. Any...
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi, Just wondering on what tank level the Amber and red fuel lights show up on the Rd04's. Ta Bob.
  7. Africa Twin
    Evening all, Both my taps on the Xrv don't shut off ! So rather than buy expensive replacements or repair kits I thought about getting and fitting in some other in line shut off taps. Firstly what diameter are the fuel pipes from the petcocks and does anyone have any other ideas or thoughts ...
  8. XL
    Hi any advice on which engine guards are the best/most rugged for a 2011 700 transalp cheers bob
  9. Dominator / FMX
    Just bought a used Scottoiler of the Ebay and fitted to my FX 650 Vigor this afternoon (yes Bobn, it's still making me smile). Being as I am frugal - 'read tight' I'm hoping I don't have to buy Scottoiler branded oil. Can anyone advise as to what oil I can find in my workshop I can use in the...
  10. Africa Twin
    This is a thread just gagging to get off the ground innit ? Looks like Bob will be first up if he makes it home safely in this weather from Crawley today ! :D ( Only post please if you've actually left the dealers with your new bike and a fat grin ! :) ) (Most of the Original AT's still on...
  11. Dominator / FMX
    Video of the 650 earlier, mucked up the angle though! This one is for Bobn!
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi, Right the time as come to take her off the road for a day or two to sort the flooding issues i 've got. Where is the best place to get the carb parts i'll need ? Cheers Bob.
  13. Insurance
    Can anyone recommend an insurance company that will insure on the vin plate ? My son has just got a bike from Germany and after some insurance before getting it registered. He's already had a few silly quotes and even a few that said would insure it but won't let him ride it until it's...
  14. Africa Twin
    Hi, Both my fuel taps on my Rd04 don't shut off the fuel when turned off, does anyone know if they are repairable ? Cheers Bob.
  15. Africa Twin
    Want to stiffen up the front forks a bit. Been told I could use a spacer in the top Of each fork. Is this a good idea and if so what sort of Size would I need? Cheers Bob.
  16. Africa Twin
    Evening all, Done about 800 miles on a fresh oil and filter change done by the previous owner. The oil is still looks as good as new but it needs a small top up but the previous owner cannot remember what oil he used. So not sure if it was mineral, semi or fully synthetic. What oil should i...
  17. Africa Twin
    After and still having flooding problems with the bike and trying all sorts to clean them with fuel additives i'm going to bite the bullet and rebuild them. Also both tank taps don't shut off totally. Any recommendations for rebuild kits or any other advice on doing this would be...
  18. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, After fitting some lower pegs i feel the need to some how lower the rear brake pedal. Any ideas ?? Cheers Bob
  19. Africa Twin
    OK, I'd thought I'd try to get rid of some scratches/cracks in the trip master screen. Armed with wet and dry, xerapol and some water I set to, after a while I stopped, happy it was getting much less scratched and not wanting to deprive the owner of such pleasure. There's a way to go so buy...
  20. Africa Twin
    Ok I'm running 16/49 sprockets and find that it's perfect for town and trail riding but seems too buzzy for motorway/fast road riding. What do you guys run ? Thinking of running a 47 on the rear, Any thoughts ? Cheers Bob
1-20 of 74 Results