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  1. Whats this suff worth?

    I have just been offered the bargain of a lifetime or is it? Its a 1961 Norton Slimline Featherbed with a few bits n bobs and I was wondering if its worth the sellers asking price? It has Danish registration papers too.:thumbup: It obviously needs a few bits n bobs and I am not keen on the...
  2. Wanted: bits wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi , I'm looking for a few bits and bobs for a 1992 Africa twin that I'm bringing back to life and hopefully going to use on a few Europe trips. has anybody got some engine bars , headlight protectors (the wire ones) a decent aftermarket seat and any panniers ? thanks in advance dave
  3. Sounds stupid but hey

    For all you people out there that suffer with arse ache but don't have the dosh for expensive fixes I just had a brainwave, what's needed and what you get when you buy them is a air filed bladder, sooooo how about using ( wait for it) a Whoopie cushion. Just buy the biggest one you can get hold...
  4. Scouse B, Stard

    Dominator / FMX
    Just a few bits n bobs and its done. Two years of my time and the Danish tax payers money and were almost ready to fire it up. Just needs a new coil (I hope) a new chainguard and then once I have got it running I have a 41 mm flatside to go on it once I figure out the set up for it...
  5. My project bike.

    Dominator / FMX
    Heres how the Scouse B,stard looks now. Just a few bits n bobs to do then wire it up. I am going to put an old classic mudguard on the front like Nicks got on his. Its been fun to build but on a budget it takes way too long. I cant wait to start it up and go scare the local wildlife.:thumbup:
  6. Carb issue. RD02

    Dominator / FMX
    I want to buy an air filter to bolt onto my carb and was wondering which one would you guys recommend. I also need to know what jet sizes to use in thee carb because its getting close to the time where I will try and start my project. Just a few more bits n bobs and then its...
  7. Breaking my dommie.

    Dominator / FMX
    I am breaking my 94 dommie next week to use the engine and rear wheel and a couple of other bits n bobs for my project bike and I want to sell all the other bits that I wont be using. As I live in Denmark, postage on heavy items might be expensive. If anyone needs any parts PM me and maybe I...
  8. For Sale: Bits and bobs

    For Sale / Wanted
    Have some bits and bobs for sale as Ive cleared out my garage Heavy duty 21" inner tube £12 posted Harlvarssons Fokker Trousers Great comfy trousers but too big for me nowadays 40" waist and Im 5 ft 11 and good enough for a bit taller on the inside leg Heres the spec Halvarssons Fokker trousers...
  9. At last - An Alp in the Garage !

    Hi all, It's taken a while but finally I have an Alp in the garage :) Love the colour, nice clean machine, I am really chuffed. I will take some pix at the weekend, but this is her....... A big thanks to everyone who posted links and suggestions :) I will probably need a little advice on...
  10. Bagster Tank Bag...Any recommendations ?

    Hi everyone, I have just purchased a Bagster tank cover for my Varadero which looks a nice piece of kit. Looking at the available tank bag options, the range appears to be quite large and I wondered if any of you had any recommendations on which one to get and why? I do not want anything too...
  11. For Sale: Vango Zeal 400

    For Sale / Wanted
    Thinking of ebaying my Vango Zeal 400 (4 man tent). Tent is in "like new" conditions, bought it this summer and I have only used it once for the Tuscan trip. Very spacious accommodation and plenty of room for storage of riding gear and camping bits and bobs, easy to carry on a bike as it weighs...
  12. For Sale: DRZ 400 parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Clearing out garage and have drz rear shock with linkage , swinging arm , starter motor , oil pipes and few more bits and bobs , also have barrel with small mark above piston sweep 450cc conversion ??? :thumbright:
  13. Wanted: offroad extras for TA650

    For Sale / Wanted
    Guys, I am in the market for the following for my TA650... 1. bark busters hand guards or equivalent - 2. sump guard 3. headlight protector 4. pivot pegz or offroad pegs I am preparing the bike for doing some gentle green laning, but its greenlaning on a budget so if you have any bits and...
  14. Big thanks to Nick

    Dominator / FMX
    that lovely Brummie has helped me out a lot with bits and bobs and I would like to say a big thanks to him publicly . Hopefully between us we may have solved the shock length problem and how to get round it for others building specials :thumbright:
  15. XR400 A-Loop Tank Kit

    Hi guys, what's a fair price for a mint condition virtually unused A-Loop tank & seat kit, including all the bits and bobs as well as seat that is mint also? Thanks, Tom
  16. Hi, i'm back from the dead

    Hi, not been on here for some time as moved house, doing it all up blaa blaa blaa, you know how it is. Any way thought i would post some pics of my vry sexy xl250s, not far of finished now, a few bits and bobs. And to think, i was going to sell her a while back. Ok i wont post pics as i dont...
  17. Rennsport stuff

    Someone sent me these yesterday. Despite appearances these are scans of recently taken photos. This is only one corner of a storeroom filled with bits and bobs from the past. There are a couple of complete vehicles and a fully equipped machine shop. Hold on to your hats chaps...
  18. For Sale: Bits and bobs for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    We're having a clear out before going travelling. If anything appeals, drop me a pm. 90/90/21 reinforced tube. Michelin 21MDR boxed 130/80/18 reinforced tube. Michelin 18MFR boxed Sip Handymate gasless welder. 90A. New liner/shroud/tip. Spare tips & shroud. Backrest to fit a Givi Monokey -...
  19. transalp 600 bits and bobs

    hello every one havent been on in time i have my first transalp now its a 1992 one its awsome i wana make it more motocross lookin like a proper mud gaurd and tha have any one got any tips for me not just about looks tips about any think to do with a 600 transalp like wa goes wrong wa to look...
  20. For Sale: XR600/400/250 CRM250 bits n bobs

    For Sale / Wanted
    Found these in my garage at weekend. Not had a XR600 for some years now but reckon this spark plug socket must fit that model or perhaps XR250 as never owned the 400? The owners handbook is a copy I made several years ago. Only recently sold original on eBay before joining this forum. Must be...