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  1. XL700 Mainstand

    I've just had to have my XL700 Transalp in for a service. They've informed me that the main stand is knocking against the frame and the cat because it is missing a "bump stop". Must admit that I recall it banging when you put it up but think it has done that since the day I bought it. Could...
  2. Bit of a bodge

    Dominator / FMX
    I thought I would have a go at this bodging melarky. I bodged up a couple exhaust brackets out of an old road sign that I found ,(honest occifer) so I could see how my exhaust looks on my project bike. :clown::clown::clown: I took a 40mm strip of 3mm aluminium and used a socket , a hammer and my...
  3. rear shock measurement

    Dominator / FMX
    hi guys,, can someone please tell me the length of th erear shock on the SLR650. hole to hole.. as am finding it hard to get one an i now need to bodge... thanks,,,john
  4. RD03 rack for an RD04

    Africa Twin
    Anyone happen to know if the RD03 rack would fit an RD04? It (the RD03 rack) looks a lot more utilitarian to me. I've no access to lathes or anything fancy so anything but the very simplest bodge is beyond me - ideally it'd fit right on... :)
  5. Fuel Tank Repair in or near London?

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know of a good place to have my tank repaired in or around London? It only had the smallest of leaks which I think was on the seam, I've since used a tank sealant that I haven't tried yet but as I've now stripped the whole bike back to a frame it seems a little bit of a bodge to not have...
  6. vigor wheel

    Dominator / FMX
    hi im fitting a vigor wheel to my domie SMish. they run a bigget disk i think, is there anyware i can get an adaptor to spce out the caliper or am i gonna have to bodge one up, cheers george
  7. SDC11818


  8. SDC11591


  9. Bodge screen spoiler

    Bodgers Corner
    This tip is stolen from: - XRV750.NET - • Visa tråd - Poormans Touratechspoiler= He used these: That you can find in a shop for DIY home fixers With a little engineering one could even do the spoler adjustable forward and backwards. A ball mount for the lower fasteners, and a...
  10. Touratech pannier mount bodge

    Bodgers Corner
    Very simple this one. I finally got annoyed enough at the bolts sticking into my panniers to do something about them. This is what Touratech intended (example pic, not mine): Decided to turn things around, put the sticky out bits on the outside: Giving a nice clean surface inside the...
  11. Carb Bodge

    Dominator / FMX
    I am having great fun at the moment starting the Domi as i have a broken plastic nut that connects the choke cable to the carb. i have seen a new plunger and nut on the web for 38 euro but dont really want to pay that sort of money for a plastic nut. Is any one out there breaking a domi prepared...
  12. Zeta handguards bodge. Will it work?

    Hi guys! Some info/wisdom needed please. I found these guards: Throttle Spec Ltd ZETA RACING HANDGUARD STRAIGHT I really like the old mouse ears for their wind blocking ability and being a stingy bugger my plan is as follows: Fit the zeta guards, chop off the original trannie guards and...
  13. bodge it n scarper heavy industries

    Bodgers Corner
    no work today so it was time to go out and do some metal bashing. i wanted a decent solution for my satnav as per the vara and the ktm of bikes past:angel9: the result one comfy zumo:thumbup:
  14. Loads of fun for £43.48

    Bodgers Corner
    A few weeks ago Lidl were selling an arc weldeing kit for £39.99. I've wanted to have a go at welding for ages so I took the plunge and bought one. It came with everything necessary to start welding except, strangely, the welding rods :confused:. Anyway, I went to Halfords and picked some up for...
  15. Oh Bodge it!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    2nd ride report of the week! had a quick run out from the outlaws (Louhans) to Chalon sur Saone to pick up some bits for father in law's new laptop. At least it should have been a quick run...Decided to go the back way down to the Saone & follow the river into town, the weather was superbe...
  16. Wiring Bodge

    Bodgers Corner
    I had a wire break on the plug for the rear light of my TA. Any of you with the 650 will know it has a plug into the bulb holder. So I bought a new bulb holder from David Silvers and cut all the plastic from around the pins. I then soldered wires onto the pins, the only colour I could not get...
  17. Another chain oiler bodge under £8

    Bodgers Corner
    Crimbo project. Cost under £8. Pipe and valves from tropical fish shop, football inflation needle from kitchen draw, reservoir lying around in the garage. The bulk of the ideas stolen from other members. Gravity/syphon fed from reservoir under seat, two valves, Red to set flow & green to turn...
  18. My first bodge.

    Bodgers Corner
    However, this bodge is for my Ural. One of the many trinkets I hoped to acquire/make for my Ural in order to trip prep it for 2009, was a barcket of sorts for my folding trenching tool, to dig us out of treacherous bogs! So I set to work with 5mm x 30mm steel flat bar, cutting gringing and...
  19. bodge it n scarper heavy industries

    Bodgers Corner
    after a ride to work in the pissing rain to march in cambs i decided ive had enough od the zumo being mounted to the left hand side of the bars. having to look down and left felt a bit unsafe in those conditions;) i decided i was going to get a mount for the 990 :cool: when pricing up and...
  20. Longest Day sceen bodge???

    Having spectacularly failed to fit my nice twin lights screen to work with the big tank, and broken it into the bargin, (not that I had the watts to light both loghts anyway!) I've bodged up a deflector screen for the Longest Day! Yet to be test riden: NICE comments are invited! Any...