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  1. Test ride booked on new honda 1000 africa twin!

    Africa Twin
    This test ride could end costing me a few quid! It's manual that i am testing i am also going to try and get a test ride on a ktm 990 smt which ive always fancied ago on.
  2. Fuel leaking from breather/drain pipe

    Just noticed I've got a drip of fuel from one of the breather pipes. When I started her up the drip became a steady flow. I'm guessing something has given up in the carb. Fortunately its booked into workshop on Tuesday. Any ideas?
  3. Paddy Dakar ferry discount

    We have managed to get discounts for anyone wishing to go to the Paddy Dakar . These will need to be booked very soon to receive the discount so please contact the guys through the Taffy Dakar site or message me . Taffy's Invade The Paddy Dakar 2014 - Doon Ireland Welcome To The Paddy Dakar...
  4. Hotel & B&B recommendations for North West Spain and Portugal. Please!

    Hi guys and girls. Slight change of plan, booked the ferry to Santander in October hoping for warmer weather than The Alps. Has anyone got a good recommendation for a hotel or B&B? We know one in the picos but any others would be greatfully received. Thankyou!!
  5. MOT time!

    It's booked in at 1.00pm tomorrow. Fingers are crossed :iconbiggrin:
  6. Riding out to Italy tomorrow

    Hi, booked on the ferry from Hull tomorrow night then 6 days away, returning on the motorail from Livorno next Saturday, Hope the weather holds out, should be good.
  7. Monaco & Route Napoleon

    Africa Twin
    Booked the Tunnel one way for now on May 7th. :toothy8: :blob5:Solo trip down to Provence Alpes & Cote D'Azur. Planning on Route Napoleon, Col de Turini & Monaco for starters. Any other suggestions my good friends?
  8. Maps, Germany.

    Can anyone recomend any good maps of Germany? Ones with enough detail to pick enjoyable riding roads. I am heading down through the Black Forest and into Switzerland this June and would like a good map with enough detail to pour over and plan details. I have booked stopovers allready and once I...
  9. Dommie Cam into Vigor?

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anyone tried sticking a Dommie Cam into a Vigor? Does it make more power? The Dommie is booked as more powerful but is it all at the top end or do you get more torque too?
  10. MOT Preparation

    Mechanical Advice
    I have the bike booked in for a MOT next week. I would like to do the basic checks before I take her, is there a link or a set of checks you would recommend a google search has not revealed any i would trust. :rolleyes:
  11. Nw200 2012

    Anybody on here planning on going out for this event this year, i've never been road racing so a few of us are going out for it booked it all up today and had my holiday ok'd from work so everything is looking very sweet at the moment.
  12. Christmas Meet Road Ride Out

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'll do the loop I have been planning to do. We did some of this last time and tailor it to timing, weather (which has been booked to be good !!). Max 100 miles - 3-4 hrs So who's in then? Who's travelling up on Saturday morning? - so I can provisionally set a start time
  13. It looks like Croatia might actually happen

    It seems like Hudders and me have been talking about this trip for ages, now it seems it might actually be going to happen as just booked on the rail saver train from S-Hertogenbosch to Alessandria on 29 June 2012. On the way down to Croatia we'll be taking in the Dolomites, Slovenia and...
  14. Finaly booked up ready to start :D

    I have Just booked up my CBT Test, I do it this thursday at 8:30, I have to get up early Ahhhh lol, I Hope to pass it with a breeze as I badly want to start riding, driving around In my car is more of a misson than an enjoyment, when I see my dad Paulc riding off when I took him to pick up his...
  15. Booked in

    The Longest Day
    I paid for ferry for me David Shaw and Ian Troughton a while ago not heard anything since but did get badge which is great. Just checking all is ok as we need to book hotel. Doing well on the sponsorship front as well
  16. Got my theory booked

    Well i only wanted money for christmas to go towards a motorbike test etc, i ended up with a few small pressies, and then i open a card and details of a motorbike theory test was inside :D My mum's booked it for the 25th of january so i better get practicing. I will start looking out for...
  17. MOT - finally booked it!

    Africa Twin
  18. MOT - finally booked it!

    the z-mobile is to have it's first MOT next tuesday! fingers etc crossed! :lol: