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  1. Books and dvds

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys. Is there anyone that has books or dvds like those selling in horizon unlimited? Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  2. For Sale: Suzuki do 1000 gt k8

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2008 gt lots of extras full luggage 27.500 miles good condition would take cheaper bike in p/ex all books spare keys etc :thumbup: £3850
  3. Manual

    Cheap manual anybody, yeah I know all your money has gone on beer :D
  4. This may amuse some of you

    I think it's an XL Taken from this: Not!: Not the nine o'clock news: 9780907812654: Books
  5. The Africa Twin Design Story

    Africa Twin
    A few years ago, I visited the Honda Collection Hall in Japan. That was the first time I saw an XRV650 RD03: What a beautiful bike! Seeing that bike inspired me to import and restore my own RD03 here in California. It is a magical bike in my opinion and an important bike in motorcycle...
  6. For Sale: My new book is here at last two-wheels-to "Arctic highway"

    For Sale / Wanted
    Last year I decided to do a little photo diary following my Sahara trip, the reasons were to try and inspire others and show them how easy it is to travel on a budget and with only a fortnight to spare, and secondly to sell enough books to pay for my next trip. It sort of worked and now I have...
  7. Africa Twin newbie

    Africa Twin
    Just bought an AT from a neighbour. 1994, 1 owner, 10,000 guaranteed miles, 2k of which in last 15 years! Full history, all mot's, books, spare keys etc. needs some TLC and elbow grease but is in fantastic condition for its age. Anybody any idea what it is worth? Also not sure if I should do a...
  8. VAT on motorcycles??

    Just seen this on fleabay as I am hankering after a KTM Adv 990 again, not sure why, mid-life crisis perhaps... again!! Katoom I am obviously intrigued as my business is VAT registered, but what can I call this on the books?? Farm bike..... Or just call it a tractor....? :) A new KTM990...
  9. For Sale: Sony Dslr

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale is my old dslr it's a sony dslra100 10megapixel comes with 18-70 lens but the pop up flash has failed and sometimes the buttons seem to stick forviewing the previous image again don't know what to ask for this one but the lens has to be worth something any offer considered has the books...
  10. XL600 LMF Parts Book

    Hello Ive just started to get the bits together for my engine rebuild and was wondering if anyone has a parts book I can buy ..... just the engine stuff so I can check everythings going back correctly I often find parts books are clearer than manuals for this kind of thing Cheers Chris
  11. Public libraries again...

    Yes, I know I'm always banging on about them, but i felt compelled to repost this contribution to a discussion forum to which i am subscribed for work purposes. It concerns the impact of PL closures on elderly people in rural Gloucestershire and the official response: "We in Gloucestershire...
  12. The London Motorcycle Show?

    Ha! Just 1.5 days to go until the London Motorcycle Show Really looking forward to it again this year. They seem to have done quite a lot to bring the show up to speed with the various zones they are setting up. You've seen the Adventure and Travel zone info? Lets hope that it all works. The...
  13. Old man on a bike

    Right. Let's get something clear from the off. I don't subscribe or get sent the Saga newsletter. Someone sent this to me. Bloody good read and I've ordered one of his earlier books so looking froward to that.
  14. Bookstore with service manuals

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Hi everybody, I'm visiting London in a few days and I would like to use this opportunity to purchase Haynes manual for Xl650V Transalp, since it is not available over here in Croatia. Is there any particular bookstore in which I could find it, even a used one? Cheers!
  15. Audio Books

    I was listening to a story on the radoi earlier (well, a few minutes of it). It made me curious about audio books so I looked in my phone and found I had Wuthering Heights in there. I chose the read aloud option and proceeded to the instant depression caused by listening to that robot voice...
  16. For Sale: Everyone kept telling me I should do it...

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I've news! Though I dunno if I'm in the right place to post this... Over the last year I’ve been taking careful note of all the requests and posts on forums about the lack of adventure motorcycle travel audio books. So I’ve gone and done it. Into Africa just been released as an Audio...
  17. DVLA, scrapping bikes

    I am thinking of setting up a small busines, motor cycle breakers. This is because i am fed up with the rip of buggers that do it at the moment, charging the earth for clapped out parts. I broke a few bike years ago, and made some money without being a greedy sod. So i am thinking of starting...
  18. Something new?

    Something new? Well, this post is happening because quite a few of you guys have asked me to do something and I promised to spread the word when we are sorted. Here goes. ‘Into Africa’ has just been released as an Enhanced e-book on Apple i-Tunes and I’m delighted with it – nearly didn’t have...
  19. Anything Goes!

    Hi all, I’ve just popped onto the forum to let you know that we’ve a completely new website up for my travel books. There’s lots of new stuff going on, but the main reason for being here is to let you know about the new ‘Anything Goes’ section. I hope this is going to help people. There’s going...
  20. Not what I had planned!

    At this point in time I should be just waking up, strolling to the boulangerie for some fresh hot croissants for a leisurely breakfast with a good book. Needless to say, this plan has been foiled. I should have left the outlaws place yesterday afternoon & come home with madame MooN, leaving...