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  1. Peek a BOOO

    Dominator / FMX
    Opened the shed doors today and got the bike started , still lots to do but it runs (way too quietly)
  2. Steering Head and Wheel Bearings

    Mechanical Advice
    I need some advice..... The XLR is very near to MOT now so I did some MOT checks that I found in an Haynes manual... and it failed! :( Booo hoooo. Better now though than after paying testing money though. So what did it fail on. Well firstly it said to raise the bike on a stand with weight off...
  3. My XR play firework...!!

    Im a new rider,,,, and I dont know how to stop when i start and push the gas (xr 400) in play fireworks (booon boom boooom) and doesn't has any strength..!! I was thinking it's a calibration problem, but a friend say it's a exhaust gasket problem...?? Could somebody help me..?? Thanks Frank