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  1. Charley Boorman.

    Watched Charleys new adventure programme set in Canada last night with my 9 year old grandson who its absolutely crazed on bikes hes watched all the Boorman Magregor escapades. I think Charley might be taking a leaf out of Gordon Ramsays book there seemed to be an awful lot of the F*** word used...
  2. Charley Boorman Live Tour Dates

    For the fans :thumbup: Charley Boorman Live Tour
  3. Boorman's new adventure...

    Theres another one coming...:p,null,228
  4. Race To Dakar Charley Boorman

    Anyone seen it yet? worth a watch? Cheers Billy :)
  5. Charlie Boorman talk in Belfast

    Just a wee note to anyone local to Belfast, Charlie is doing a talk and book signing in the new Costwolds stove at Boucher Crescent on the Boucher Road between 10:30am and 2:00pm, Saturday 16th September. He's going to be talking about Long Way Round and Race to Dakar. Also Costwolds will be...