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  1. suited and booted

    my ould 1990 transalp came with givi monokey pannier rails when I got it in November . on Saturday I finaly won a pair of givi e28 boxes for £ 42 +£ 7.50 p&p just like these ones on this beauty they...
  2. Vader loses again

    That's twice that you've been booted out in Ukraine :toothy8: Darth Vader storms Justice Ministry - Trending blog - What's trending now - Twitter | MSN News UK
  3. Offroad riding course

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi Everyone, Had an offroad course this weekend in the Netherlands. Great fun, even if my brother spent the evening in A&E because he twisted his knee. We both agreed we'll be doing this again very soon! The day started with some theory, and once we were suitably suited and booted, we were...
  4. ....well its home !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    as mentioned in an earlier thread today ive finally got my vara home after giving it a couple of hours test run. first impressions..:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D. i love it. the alp was great fun but this darling really puts that cheesy grin on me mush. performance is outstanding. roll on that throttle...
  5. Ageism - you thought it was illegal ????

    I work for one of the most profitable businesses on the planet – a large American based , global, blue chip, in the computer / IT solutions sector. Last year , we generated revenue of – wait for it -$117 BILLION !!! and on that made clear profit of $16 Billion !! stunning numbers. However the...
  6. Dead facet

    Africa Twin
    Hello Well had problems with the old fuel pump on my twin, Got new facet pump and fitted it to my bike. Then blow me it failed:mad:, only did 30 ish miles so have booted it around the workshop.Has anyone else had one of these fail? Have fitted new points in the old honda pump ( from a land...
  7. A bridge too far

    Arranged to meet Sohoeasy for a coffee in his native Soho this morning. Decided to cycle. Set off on cycle route 22, which winds through back roads and parks to London Bridge. Near Peckham Rye, belting down hill in top gear the lights suddenly changed to amber. It was either slam on the...
  8. Tyre pressures for tourances

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just re-booted Dolly with a pair of Tourances and I'm unhappy:( They seem all over the place, I know it's grim out there, but my worn out Distenzias were sooooooo much better. (yes I have given them a couple of hundred miles to scrub up;)) Loads of you rave about the Metzelers so I got to...
  9. Ride Report - Alps and Tuscany

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    OK Then Ride Report… Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I’ll begin… Day Zero… Cambridge to Harwich! After work, ride from Cambridge to Harwich for the 23:30 ferry (Yippee!) Boarded an hour early, Ferry sailed an hour late. Plenty of straps available, although I had taken two of my...