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  1. Be Safer on the Trail with New O’Neal Element Boots and Save 20% on a Purchase!

    O’Neal Element Boots are some of the most popular among off-roading enthusiasts. And there are a few good reasons for that. First – they feature premium design, high-quality materials, and have a durable construction without breaking your bank. Second – they offer good protection to your feet in...
  2. Closeout Sale! Get 22% Off on All O’Neal Apparel and Gear Until December 31!

    Starting in the 1960s, motocross sport was developing fast, just like O’Neal company founded by former rider Jim O’Neal. He became a pioneer and innovator in riding gear and apparel, and today, the company’s specialists continue implementing smart engineering solutions to make their products...
  3. For Sale: TCX infinity gortex boots size 45 uk 11/11.5

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD TCX infinity gortex boots size 45 uk 11/11.5 100% waterproof leather gortex boot in excellent condition and up to now best boots I have had. Easy to walk in and light. They work well in summer and winter neither to hot or to cold and since buying these have never had wet feet. I dont think...
  4. For Sale: Vango Omega 350

    For Sale / Wanted
  5. side stand

    Africa Twin
    After taking a closer look at my side stand it was quite well worn firsly the paint was looking tired and worn out from the boots when using the stand .Secondly the foot which is in contact with the ground was showing some wear and tear from what i think is when the bike settles on its final...
  6. Braided lines? Yay or Nay? If yay, which ones?

    Africa Twin
    Alright lads, I'm giving the brake calipers and the brake system a good cleaning and service. All I have to replace are a few rubber boots. Happy days. NOW, I want to get braided performance brake lines. I hear with new disks, pads and braided lines the bike stops great! Is it as simple as...
  7. For Sale: Transalp 600 job lot of spares

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have sold my trusty Alp and have a whole bunch of spares I am offering here as a job lot before they go onto the Fleabay So here we go -JT chain a sprocket kit, 118 X-Ring chain, 47 rear, 15 front -JT 15t front sprocket -brake lever and clutch lever in black - 44806-KFO-000 Speedo drive...
  8. Fork keeps leaking...

    Africa Twin
    Hi all! My right fork keeps leaking, the forks where rebuilt about 1.5 years ago by a mechanic, new fork rubber boots, oil seals & oil. Only the dust seals where reused as they where in good condition. About a week ago I had the bike in a garage and they cleaned the dust and oil seals with a...
  9. For Sale: Stylmartin DUNA BOOTS

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi! For sale is my practically new boots Stylmartin DUNA boots. This is very comfortable boot for adventure riding with which you can also walk all day. They are not awkward. Looks very good. I use it just 500km and they are like new. Size is EU45. They where bought for my africa twin. AT gone...
  10. For Sale: a line on customisable shrouded cables for securing items to bikes

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hola, A friend of mine, based in Lithuania, has a line on steel cables that can be used to secure items to bikes. As far as I know, thickness can be 2, 3 4 or 6mm (possibly also other thicknesses) and the length is customisable. There'd be a loop at either end and it'd be shrouded in 2mm...
  11. MX Boots and shifter

    Hello friends , another selly question from a noob :) i just bought Oneal boot and its too bulky but nice..problem is.. i tried on and got on the bike. no way to shift up no way to put ur toe under the padal the padal is already high..not too high anyway but i mean no further adjustments i...
  12. Thirteen Years Later

    Africa Twin
    Haven't been riding my bike much over the past few years, but summer's coming! New boots, new brakes. Now it's raining :(
  13. For Sale: As new - TCX Dessert Boots Size 9 (43)

    For Sale / Wanted
    TCX X Dessert Boots- Full Gore Tex size 43 (UK size 9) As new condition - £95.00 ono. (cost over £200 new) Reviews on this boot can be found on PM me for contact details Thanks :-) Thanssmile emoticon
  14. Bikesure March Competition

    Competitions / Trials
    Hello Guys and Girls It’s time for another forum giveaway! As spring is nearly upon us and more and more bikers are beginning to dust last summer’s dirt off their boots in anticipation, we began thinking about what gets bikers hot under the collar. We even spoke to some fellow biking...
  15. For Sale: brand new sidi boots

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I have a brand new pair of sidi boots size 50 uk 14 .. These have never been used as new condition , cost me £175, but i would accept £90 .. Grab a bargin . Also have a plastic top box and fixing plate can carry one helmet.. £20 Will put them on ebay if no interest...:thumbup:
  16. For Sale: TCX infinity gore tex boots size euro 46, UK 11

    For Sale / Wanted
    used but not abused. Best Adventure touring boots out there. totally waterproof and loads of sole left. £80 posted one_sph AT
  17. Forma Adventure Boots

    I just took delivery of a new brown pair of Forma Adventure Boots today and i have too say i'm very impressed.I did do quite a bit of research before i bought them and they had good reviews,they are the only boots that i've had that are comfortable straight out of the box,i have no connection...
  18. Chainsaw Boots

    Just taken delivery of a new pair of boots that protect your feet in case of a chain saw accident They came in a bag marked FRAGILE!
  19. Canaries, Recommendations?

    I am taking SWMBO for a spot of guaranteed Winter sun at the end of January and while I would like to go back to Madeira, Janice says she wants to go somewher different. As I have a 4hr max flight time, this limits the options a bit, so hence the Canaries... I want to hire a bike while we...
  20. For Sale: W2 adventure boots used size 10.5 ..11 £45 posted

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    will do photos soon GC (obviously with some wear) I take between 10.5 and 11 and they are good fit . regards Bill in exeter