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  1. New XR400 Owners seeks gasket kit

    Evening gents! As the title suggests I am the new owner of a 03 xr400, which to say the least...needs some work! my biggest hurdle at this time is the gear shift assembly (just the past that slides on and off) was broken and the previous owner decided to weld it bad on to the point that you can...
  2. Bored with your Varadero? Enter "Project Varatrackerstorm or Firetrackerdero"

    Bored with your Varadero? Enter "Project Varatrackerstorm or Firetrackerdero" I’ve been thinking of this project since coming across a picture of a VTR engined tracker years ago. To me it looks spot on, everything fits just right. I’ve been studying the picture/screen background for...
  3. Wanted: xl500s cylinder barrel wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    need a cylinder barrel for my xl500s as mine is bored out to 1mm over and is now scrap so i need to either get it relined or get a barrel that i can get rebored to either 0.25 or 0.50
  4. New AT owner

    Africa Twin
    Hi chaps and chapesses Although I'm not new to the forum I haven't been on here in a while. Yesterday I chopped in my 2005 1150 gsa for a 2002 AT. Just fancied a change and always wanted an AT. Wanted to get back on to some trails and I was never going to do that on the gsa. Just got bored of...
  5. Alternate paint schemes, vinyl wrap or Decal ideas.

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or have any pictures that they would like to share about changing or modifying the looks of the old Varadero SD01/02? I've never tampered with the looks, even though they do test the eye, but I do have a spare set of body panels for the ole girl &...
  6. Off on a ride tomorrow

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I'm off on an IBA ride in the morning it runs every year in memory of someone close to you the rider, I'm doing it in my dads name thou he died many years ago. I'm going to attempt a SS 2000 Gold which is 2000 miles in 36 hours. As I usual do on ride like these have a few backup ride that I...
  7. Anyone got a really broken tripmaster for sale?

    Africa Twin
    Bored and looking for a new project. I want a tripmaster, with case and LCD, and that's all I need. I want to hook it up to a Arduino based solution that's smarter than the original unit. I'm a software developer by trade, that's also handy with embedded systems and embedded electronics...
  8. Output Shaft failure common.Really? Please read.

    Don't know if anyone has done this before,but I have been through every Thread,all 5652 of them and all the posts 53130 of those and have come up with a question for you all. In all those posts,how many have actually had an output shaft failure on a TA.? You might think i'm a bit sad ,but i was...
  9. Found an old Motorsport begging for some TLC so...

    Hi all new member here from downunder downunder (New Zealand).1st bike wayyyy back was an SL125 followed by an orange XL175 then XL350,39 bikes later and oldish i have grown bored with my long term project a 1998 TL1000S that ive had since new and chucked ridiculous amounts of money at ie later...
  10. any one know where to buy a piece of textile material to patch bike gear

    the heat shield is missing off my transalp . the bolts snaped in the nuts on the back heat shield as I was takeing of the exaust to repair it . a couple of weeks ago while out rideing with my 9 year old boy we stoped at a tree to collect some conkers ( his mothers idea men out spinning around on...
  11. RD04 Front cylinder mishap

    Africa Twin
    Well after rebuilding my motor 4 months ago found some oil in the water on Sunday. Started stripping violently and removed the motor from the frame. Wanted to see if all the gaskets where intact and found oil on top of the front cylinder piston. Removed the barrel/cylinder and horror. The oil...
  12. Why shouldn't cutting the lawn be fun!!

    Ok so I was bored tonight, now I have a racing lawn mower:D Next on the list of mods is a mini exhaust which I'll try and turn on the be continued. Oh yeah and if KTM made lawn mowers.........
  13. Bristol Motorcycle Show - FREE & Gromit Unleashed

    The free Bristol Motorcycle show is on Saturday 17 August just off the Centre, see - The Bristol Bike Show tends to be custom biased but generally worth a visit. if partners/family/you bored with bikes do some Gromits Gromit Unleashed | Trail many within a short distance of the show. Just done...
  14. Boredom

    Dominator / FMX
    I got bored today and as the sun was shining , I painted this.:rolleyes: Sorry about the crappy picture from my non-smart phone , but after 30 minutes baking in the oven , it looks good enough to eat........................................ (With chips and gravy):thumbup...
  15. Severn bridge and Oasis cafe!

    Took the AT and my mate on his new bike (he's just getting back into riding) over the severn bridge to the Oasis cafe in Abergavenny last saturday, it really is a great ride from Bristol and offers so many great routes in and around the area. But as many times as I cross either of the bridges, I...
  16. Machined and fabricated parts - excellent contact

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Hi everyone I have been using a guy called Darren Yorwerth for a couple of years now for any bespoke machined & fabricated parts I have needed for my bikes. He's based in Wales & typical examples of what he's done for me are stainless steel extra heavy bar end weights to get rid of vibes, see...
  17. home made Honda xr125 bash guard

    Bodgers Corner
    got bored one day so i thought id make my self a bash guard. didn't need it but ahwell it turned out ok
  18. I'm looking for people to go green laning with, I live in Bedford.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone in North Beds, or nearish, like just over the border in Cambs, or Northants, want to come green laning with me? I work part time, so am often free on a Tuesday and a Wednesday as well as weekends. I'm very new to green laning, so I just tend to bimble along until I get stuck or fall...
  19. Londons calling

    Or it's called :D:D short notice job and I'm in Shepherds bush already, got Tues night free and most of wednesday, any out there bored I'm not on the bike so its coffee or sherbert, depending on when we can meet
  20. bored now

    Dum de dum Theres only so much you can do at 4am without pissing the rest of the family off Would count sheep, but J tells me off for playing with his other women :toothy3: At his rate I'm going to end up doing paperwork for work, and thats very sad and extremely desperate Maybe I'll...