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  1. Chatter
    Hope you're not working too hard Gordon Have a good one mate
  2. Chatter
    As the title says. Have a great day.
  3. BMW
    I said I'd never do another project, (well the wife actually said it and I just nodded) but after reading and commenting on some stuff in here, and in particular Boris's 45/65 rebuild I thought a bit of Airhead stripping and rebuilding would be a great way to get back into the garage and...
  4. Ride Reports and Pictures
    As usual at this time of year , I have made a short video about my adventures in 2012. Thanks to everyone who I met and helped to make this past year special . Direct link for ipad etc Here's to another great year ahead in 2013 :) :) :) LWR p.s. Think...
  5. Chatter
    Well done, Olympics were fantastic!:thumbleft: Now....if you don't mind...if you could stop patting each other on the back...... Any chance of resetting the effing traffic lights to their pre-Olympic phasing???!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad: For F**k Snakes !!!!!:mad:
  6. National Meets
    Nice to see some old and new faces - glad to be of assistance when needed Felt a bit of a wimp not being able to shake hands properly due to the dislocated finger so hope no-one was offended Got the mudguard back Tuesday and fitted it Wednesday and was able to move the bikes around in the...
  7. Chatter
    Went to Glasgow today to meet up with a few ABR guys and have a look at Gino's bike collection. Low and behold, hiding at the back of the room was yet another Moto-Guzzi 500cc single!! Never seen one in my life before June this year and now the total is 3. :icon_smile: Andy.
  8. Chatter
    Boris my good fellow, Was quite impressed by your sat nav when I got lost on Raasay last week ( I know, three roads on the island and I still feked up etc etc :confused::confused::rolleyes: ) :D Be a good chap and divulge the make and model :thumbup: Oh and what pros and cons TAAAAAA
  9. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well the Northern contingent had a great day out, good weather and most of all GREAT CRAIC :thumbup: The huuuuggge ferry :D Raymo's front mudguard :confused: This is where it should belong The start of Calum's road, constructed by a man and a barrow A Castle on Raasay :confused::D...
  10. Chatter
    Happy Birthday Boris! Hope you have a lovely day. :blob7::blob7::blob7:
  11. Chatter
    Certainly not on the scale of Boris & Kitpeds but I thought I'd have a go at roofing last weekend. Here's how it went! Firstly, empty the important stuff out of the garage; Next, up on the roof to remove the plastic sheet that was temporarily battoned over the existing roof as a temproary...
  12. Austin's Adventures
    Due to other plans and commitments I haven't got time to organise a Piel Island trip this year. But, if anyone else wants to pick up the reins I am happy to provide introductions to, and contact details of everyone you will need to contact to arrange the event. I will even let you use this...
  13. Mechanical Advice
    hi again, the only pilot i can get is a 65 from a freind, my stock is 55, whitch one do you think would work better with my 127 pri and 120 sec jetting? could the 55 be ok just adjust air/idle screw more? or the 65 with adjusment on the idle? nedd help before i put crbs back on, any help will...
  14. Ride Reports and Pictures
    It's was bloody freezing. By the time we got there, which was all of 10 miles form home, we couldn't feel our fingers. Never mind within minutes the blood was pumping and we had so warmed up. I had a couple of "offs" but no damage to me or the bike. Best news though is Adi's bike, which has...
  15. Chatter
    Another biker is born. My eldest has just joined the ranks of motorbike ownership. He has been looking for ages in the sub £1K region for a good second hand bike and they all seemed to be either clunkers or went for silly money. Even the cheap Chinese bikes seemed to be either cruiser replicas...
1-15 of 36 Results