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  1. For Sale: Ntv 650 for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Been sat in the garage about two years and used once Not been ran for about 8 months Should all work ok Delkavic exhaust Givi wing rack Fairing Not going to clean it or bother trying to start Located in Sheffield Delivery available at a price and not to far away V5 present and correct £600
  2. When is a closed road not a closed road...?

    ...when you have an XL. Took the scenic route back after the 'milk run', and despite the clear message of 'don't bother', I did. Very satisfying, wet boots not dampening the enjoyment. Can't wait to get this thing fettled and registered properly, then it's of to Achill Island to do the...
  3. fork oil

    Africa Twin
    I could do a search but I'm a lazy fekker and there are not enough recent posts any how :rolleyes::D RD04 fork oil, I'm getting conflicting recommendations from SAE 5W to 10W, I've still got 15W from the Varadero I'm not planning on rally stuff but worry 15 may be too viscous. Got progressive...
  4. Recommend me some tunes

    I've given google play music all access a go and the musical world is my lobster so how about some music recommendations. And Whealie. I still don't like Florence and the machine so don't bother :)
  5. Rear shock query

    Africa Twin
    Hi I'm trying to adjust the preload on my RD07 rear shock and having bother moving the castle nut at the top. I know it's probably a stupid question but before I do any is anti clockwise to loosen this nut isn't it ? Cheers
  6. are RD07 rear calipers all interchangeable?

    Africa Twin
    Wondering if a 1995 rear caliper would fit a 2001 (RD07a, XRV750Y)? I'm pretty certain all variants of the RD07 have the same front calipers, but now I think about it I'm not sure about the rear! (I won't bother you all with my sorry tale of sheared off bleed nipple, but to be honest the rear...
  7. Spelling, Grammar etc...

    Ok i know i'm an old grump and don't profess to be the 2012 spelling and grammar champion but this one is new even to me. I know we have had numerous discussions over these in the past but i've just seen one and i just thought... why? This was the last part of the sentence that someone had on...
  8. how many of you home servicers bother to change the fork oil ?

    Dominator / FMX
    just wondered really as I've owned a few bikes over the years but don't think I ever changed the fork oil in any of them . I change the oil in my mtb suspension forks every year but they're subject to being covered in a lot of crap/water on a regular basis.
  9. Hurricane?

    Scottish viewers will have nae bother wi this, sorry nae subtitles.;):D Andy.
  10. Caberg Konda Helmet... Don't bother

    Product Reviews
    I have been using the Caberg Trip flip front helmet for some years now and it's starting to look "dog eared" and tatty.... I went on T' Interweb and was excited to see that caberg had "updated" the trip for 2010 and the new kid on the block was called the Caberg KONDA. Caberg Trip Caberg...
  11. Fix or not bother.

    A few years ago I bought a pressure washer from Tesco. At £26.00 it was too good to pass over. Anyway last weekend it packed up with a horrible noise. Now usually for £26.00 and six or seven years down the line chucking it out would seem obvious, but something told me otherwise. It's obviously...
  12. Don't Bother with (ViSK BSB Sponser )insurance,

    ..after 15 mins on the blower they informed me that the Varadero is an off road bike and were only able to offer me ( Full NCB 9 Years 51 yr old ) third party insurance ..... I don't think they know what there doing!:confused: PS.I think someone needs a word in Johnathon Palmers Shell.
  13. why do we bother

    Africa Twin
    Dont get me wrong I love my @ BUT I have been thinking about it and watched a few vids etc. If we wanted an off road bike the we should buy a bike that was made for off road. If we want a tourer we should have bought a bike aimed at touring, if we wanted a get the drift. So...
  14. Bother And Damnation !!!!!

    Mechanical Advice
    I've just sheared the U-bolt holding my Givi bars to the frame (clutch done?).......Tried a car exhaust clamp...drillin', banging....doesn't QUITE fit...that's even worse somehow...:mad: Had to walk in and post on it while I wait for the urge to give it the HUDDERS treatment subsides.:(...
  15. Cleaning the bike - why bother !!!!!!

    So it's glorious sunshine for the last 2 days, its the weekend, and I have to go to work. :( The bike is visible from my office window, and its FILTHY !! The sun is not so much glinting off it as being absorbed into the layers of kack covering it. I resolve to clean it so I can make myself...
  16. dont bother with these people

    for my birthday my wife orderd me an arai tour x from bikersbargains. co. next day they phone up saying they dont have my size in the colour i want . so it will be aprox two to three weeks :roll: two weeks later she phones up for a progress report and they say we got none in stock . mrs...