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  1. Rubber bottoms on Tripmaster

    Africa Twin
    Hello Any good ideas on where to find the rubber bottoms on the tripmaster? I miss the left (double) rubber cover/bottom on my "new" bought bike. Thanks Aikidimi
  2. Carb rebuild service in UK? Trying to resurect TA after 5 years standing.

    Hi, I've got a 650xl which has been standing for around 5 years and I'm trying to get it running. It's done less then 3,000 miles from new. It would not start. I tried to drain the carbs. Green goo came out, so I removed the carbs and sprayed carb cleaner in everywhere I could until all ran...
  3. How do I make my suspension softer?? (600 TA)

    I have a 1990 Transalp 600 and I want to make the suspension softer, especially the front, as it bottoms out on speed humps, even at quite low speed. (My previous 600 transalp didn't have this problem. I dont if the previous owner of my current bike had "Stiffened" the suspension up) Can...
  4. For Sale: Gortex Trousers and Jacket

    For Sale / Wanted
    NOTE; JUST HAD THIS POINT OUT TO ME , THERE NOT GORTEX THERE CORDURA !!!!!!! Right i thought i should put them on here instead of fleabay because your a more discerning lot ;) Selling them both because good old mum and dad has just kitted me out with matching trousers and bottoms :D AKIEO...
  5. Thermal underwear Lidl promotion starts thursday

    Discounts / Deals
    As above,Lids has a promotion on thermal underwear from Thursday on. Specs look good. Normaly they stock decent gear so I shall have a look. Top goes for £8.99 bottoms £7.99 I think :thumbup:
  6. @ Front Axle clamp pinch studs

    Africa Twin
    As has been mentioned on here before, the studs in the righthand fork leg lower are not replaceable if you take everything that Honda say as the truth. After I had a new wheel built a few weeks ago I had a brainwave in that it'd be good idea to torque up the axle clamp plate pinch bolts...
  7. Ohlins Spring for rd03? (or any AT for that matter)

    Africa Twin
    I see that africa queens sell a ohlins spring for use on the original rd03 rear shock? Im going to have my shock rebuilt as its past its best and nearly bottoms out when i sit on the bike! Has anyone tried a ohlins spring on the original shock of their AT?
  8. Offroad trousers

    Yes Trousers not pants :) What are people wearing when green laning? My old gericke trousers are almost perfect in as much as they are goretex, have a removable liner and have armour for the inevitable spills but they are designed to go over normal boots and even leaving the zips undone they...
  9. Travel list

    Hi, I am leaving Northampton in mid September and riding down to Malaga via France taking about 7 days or so. Its a one way journey. I am travelling alone(hoping to maybe meet some riders along the way) I am compiling a list of things to take. I only have my tank bag(expandable lidl one) a...
  10. shocker mot

    hi my xl125 1985 is due for its mot / ive not had the bike long , but as i am a rether portly character the suspension went down too much so ive put a 10mm spacer under the spring which makes all the differance for me / the spring and damper no where near bottoms out and is working fine / i just...
  11. Tiger 800 crash repairs

    One of the demo bikes was dropped at the journos test...typical. Did highlight a few areas though. Fork bottoms got damaged, looks cosmetic but this was slow speed. Rear Footrest is welded on and stock...
  12. Anglo-Italian Transalp owners meet-up 2009

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Anglo-Italian Transalp Meeting 2009. Quality, not quantity! I had seen the original message from Scorpio (Maurizio) waaay back in the wintertime, inviting any xrv’ers who were interested to join with the Italian Transalp owners Summer meeting in the Italian Tyrol. “No way”, I had thought at...
  13. xl nx650 forks legs. Interchangeable?

    Are the xl600 and nx650 fork legs (bottoms) interchangeable? Are the disc mounts the same? I prefer the front mudguard on the nx, but the xl600 forks are adjustable. I already have a pegaso 19" front wheel with bigger disc and custom adaptor. My 21" was dead. I also have SLR650 clocks and a huge...
  14. SLR 650 Rear Shock

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello folks My SLR650's rear shock seems to have gone a bit spongy, and I'm hoping theres an easy fix for it.. When I bought the bike about 5 months ago, I sat on it in the showroom and it peed oil all over the showroom floor - they had it reconditioned before I bought it. It seems theres now...
  15. For Charity: For a Donation...

    For Sale / Wanted
    Ok peeps... i recently bought some new leather pants so the old ones are surplus. Stick a tenner in the virtual charity bucket for MAW (thats the justgiving website) and there yours. SPA - Leather Motorbike Jeans these are the new ones mine are the older design so just look at the pics...
  16. English National Rally 2009

    Competitions / Trials
    Just a headsup that this is happening this year on the 4th/5th July and the finish will again be in Bletchley Park Milton Keynes. You can enter online. This is a great event, and there are shorter classes other than the 20hour rally for those...
  17. Bloody Daft Sizes!

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Well, I went to Heine Gericke today to try on some gear, looked at the Cruise GTX and the top of the line Master and both don’t fit me. I tried on the largest jackets in both (and some cheaper tat) and they nearly cut the blood off to my arms! I liked the looks of the Master jacket coz of...
  18. Will the front forks off an XR650 fit my AT?

    Africa Twin
    I know the stanchions are the same (41mm) but what about the business end? I would have to get the 320mm disc as there is only one caliper mount but would my wheel and speedo drive fit? The reason is that my forks bottoms are very corroded and while I could clean/fill (yes fill they are that...
  19. Bike troosies for lad

    For Sale / Wanted
    I need to beg, buy or borrow a pair of bike trousers for my lad for the end of the month. Trouble is, he is a short stocky lad and locating a size for him has been a problem! Waist 32/34", Inside Leg 26" has anyone got anything suitable please?? WHY? Leather straight jeans may be a poss as I...