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  1. Chatter
    We've hired our new Troll finder general English boxer Curtis Woodhouse turns up on the doorstep of his Twitter troll | Sport |
  2. BMW
    Trying to get the exhausts off my R80 and struggling. The bikes been lying for a few years and I just cannot get the exhaust fins off at the heads. Tried heat, WD40, heat again etc still no joy. Going to buy one of those tools for taking the fins off -- any recommendations ?? Saw one on e bay...
  3. Ural / Zundapp
    As some will know I have a 2007 Ural 750, air-cooled boxer twin. It has seperate engine, gearbox and final drive oil compartments. If it gets much colder (I rode home in -10C a couple of days back and the bike ran fine apart from half the journey needed the choke, but -15 is forecast for the...
  4. Helmets
    HI there Apologies if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find any relevant threads. Just wondering whether anyone out there has a Roof Boxer helmet...and what you think of it? I always wore open face helmets in the past, and tried hard to replace my very old and very tatty Everoak...
  5. Chatter
    A Bloody seagull keeps wandering into our kitchen through the open patio doors and eats our dogs food. You can tell when the little bugger is doing it as all you can hear upstairs is "ting ting ting" as its beak hits the bottom of the metal dog bowl, this normally sends our 11 year old Boxer dog...
  6. Chatter
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1-6 of 6 Results