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  1. who's up 4 a ride

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I've been stuck indoors the last 7 days ill and need to get a lil fresh air, anyone fancy a bimble in the afternoon?:cool:
  2. Boxhill to Sammy Miller's Spinal Research Rideout. 20/9/08

    The Longest Day
    Ladies & Gents, on behalf of Spinal Research we will be taking a rideout from Boxhill over to Sammy Miller's Motorbike Museum on Saturday, 20th September. We'll be meeting up at 9.00am at Boxhill, have a coffee (or brekkie for those that want it) and then leaving at 10 am with an ETA of 12.00...
  3. Boxhill

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone up for a Boxhill meet in the near future..?
  4. RC30 to Boxhill Today

    I had my mates RC30 for the day, boy i suffered !!! So i went over to Boxhill and when i got there i noticed 2 Z1,s parked up real minters. So i parked up next to them got talking to the owners. I love Z1,s i really fantasise about a P&M Z1 the Jim Wells and Kenny Irons era. The Z1 boys have a...
  5. rykas cafe boxhill comon!!!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    im just putting this here to shout it out a bit but we are trying to boost numbers for a meet at rykas cafe down at boxhill in surrey so if you fancey it put yo name in the calender :shock: :shock: :shock: as redcap said we need more numbers to shove it up those sportsbike fairys :lol...