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  1. Removing brake caliper pistons with a bicycle pump......A BODGE

    Africa Twin
    Yesterday I started on the brake re-build for my RD03. This bike had been sitting for a few years with the brake systems drained and partially disassembled. Problem: How to remove the old crusty brake pistons from the caliper while not destroying them in case they can be cleaned up and...
  2. Hi from new member

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Decided it was time to join the forum, I've owned a '86 XL 600R that due to being laid up for a few years I've started to recommission, but as it was (and is) still off the road when the summer started I brought a '96 NX 650 Dommie that was ready to ride. Problem is I'm spending all my spare...
  3. For Sale: SLR 650

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have owned this bike for the past 3 years and has been 100% reliable. It was first registered in Dec 1998 and is MOT'd until 16 Aug 2019. It is fantastic condition for its age and has a full service history with receipts to back this up. The bike was garaged for many years and recommissioned...
  4. :For Sale: 89 Transalp 600 £600

    Morning All, The time has come for me to part with my trusty Transalp :cry:. It's a 89 model with 73k miles on the clock and is still going strong, MOT expires 12/18. I've owned the bike for 3 years and done around 23k trouble free miles on it. The engine has a slight rattle but has done ever...
  5. No front brakes

    Africa Twin
    Was hoping someone could help with a braking issue (front) on my 1991 AT RD04. I've rebuilt the calipers and fitted the master cylinder repair kit, bled the brakes and fitted new pads but there's absolutely no build up of pressure at the brake lever. A couple of times I've managed a very slight...
  6. WP 48 conversion issues so far

    Africa Twin
    So, I might as well start with a brief description of whats going on with my RD07: Decided to upgrade the front forks for a WP48mm. It's an easy swap if you buy the whole front end set like I did. I got the brake pump + braided cable + caliper + forks (with braces) + wheel from a 2003 KTM 450...
  7. Braided lines? Yay or Nay? If yay, which ones?

    Africa Twin
    Alright lads, I'm giving the brake calipers and the brake system a good cleaning and service. All I have to replace are a few rubber boots. Happy days. NOW, I want to get braided performance brake lines. I hear with new disks, pads and braided lines the bike stops great! Is it as simple as...
  8. For Sale: Yamaha SR125, low miles (London) ideal leaner bike

    For Sale / Wanted
    withdrawn withdrawn
  9. For Sale: For Sale - 2000 Model NX650 Dominator

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale - 2000 Model NX650 Dominator - Recently re-commissioned with new gel battery, Rear Shock, Front & Rear Brakes serviced with new braided lines, and pads - Continental Twinduro Tyres, and Arrow alloy rear tailpipe - Datatagged - Fully serviced and ready to go - £1500.00 O.N.O.................
  10. 600 single disc brake upgrade bracket for sale!

    600 single disc brake upgrade kit for sale! sold
  11. my '95 Dommie clean up!

    Dominator / FMX
    So after a number of months sitting in spare parts in my garage, the ol' Dommie is finally back together! Cleaned her up from the frame up, stuck a Wiseco high compression piston in the motor, fresh tyres, braided front brake line, repainted a few bits such as exhausts, fork top tee, handlebars...
  12. Brake question

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone gone down to a single disc on their rd04 using standard lever and master cylinder a braided hose and single standard caliper? Apart from the impact on braking will this work?
  13. poor front brakes

    Africa Twin
    ihave replaced one seized piston all pistons push in with two screw drivers quite easy. also have replaced hoses with braided hoses. brakes are spongy and no braking power. you would be afraid to ride this bike. if i leave lever held in for a few hours lever becomes better. but then after a...
  14. !992 RD02 Dominator

    What's it worth?
    Having built this bike for my son a few years ago when I got sick and thought I was on borrowed time I was wondering how much it would be worth.. New parts: Wiseco PIston. Digital Speedo. Chain and Sprockets. Wilbers Shock. Shock linkage bearings. Wheel bearings New CDI Leo Vince stainless...
  15. After MOT need to improve braking

    Africa Twin
    My RD07A passed its MOT yesterday but the tester asked how the brakes were when riding. It passed on the rollkng road but maybe after all those Alpine hairpins it deserves some TLC :) So I was thinking braided lines and a full fluid change. What lines have peeps used? Ta chucks :) John
  16. Front-end conversion

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, looking for some advice on a front end conversion on my RD07A. Ive tried many things to try and improve the front end performance over the last 2 years, the two things that let the bike down for me are front-end feel, adjustability and poor front brake feel and stopping power. I have...
  17. Braided brakelines

    Dominator / FMX
    I have made new brakelines for my ol' girl. I did not want to use the redymade kits from Ebay as i want to keep the pipe piece on the fork, so only way was making them my self with Venhill fittings. I think the result look pretty good, and it make a world of difference to braking capacity. If...
  18. For Sale: Modified Transalp 600 MAYBE for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
  19. For Sale: Transalp 650 2007

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Decided its time to part company with my trusty Alp, bought new in 2007 this bike has been loved and cherished by myself with super low mileage of 13k, it comes with a long list of extras/improvements including Arrow header pipes, Remus end can, original system included, Gel custom low seat...
  20. For Sale: Steel Braided Brake Hose

    For Sale / Wanted
    These front brake hoses have been part of the Boano Sachs 48mm USD Fork Kit which I bought for a 1998 RD07a. Since I was forced to use another brand (Swiss MOT Regulation again :(:(:() I now want to sell the ones that came with the fork kit. 35Eu + postage. PM me if you're interested. If...