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  1. Anyone got any ideas??

    Hello all. Hoping to pick someone's brain as I have no idea. Got a 2001 vara with 38000 miles. Used to be be my pride and joy until she let me down Basically she runs fine, idles fine. But when stationary and goes to pull off it just feels like it's going to die with no power until you rev it...
  2. Crf 450 xrl 65 plate cutting out.

    CRF - New Forum!
    New to the group could do with a brain to pick please. just aquired a crf 450 xrl 65 plate the bike had done 29 miles when I purchased it in November after a full nights running fine it just started cutting out if I held the clutch and let the revs die down then won't start for about 5 mins. Any...
  3. RD07a rear hub or wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello and sorry for my bad english. I need a rear wheel or hub for my 2002 xrv 750 because my muscles are bigger than my brain. I destroyed my hub when i change bearings (photo). Shipping to Warsaw, Poland. Contact: @: -------------------- mobil: +48--------- (only polish language, english...
  4. Essex lanes (braintree)

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anybody fancy meeting up on a saturday and doing some lanes. I've been out a couple of times but fancy going out again. It would be a bit of trial and error. I'd be going on drz400. Any interest? Marc
  5. I'm on page twenty !

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Only another 128 to go ! :D I've had Canada in my brain for a while now, and that interest led me to this - :) (Don't start reading if you've got things to be getting on with.) The Making of a Cross Canada Route - ADVrider :thumbup:
  6. Brain picking time

    Africa Twin
    Hi,just registered to the site so thought id say hello....."hello"..... Im looking to buy an AfricaTwin in the Spring (gotta sell a boat first doh) are there any models that are worse than others!? What year did they stop making them.. Any info is good Thanks:p