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  1. XL700V - flashing oil warning with no oil loss

    How do I'm after some help/advice about the oil warning lights on the 700. Riding in to work today - second day back after a week or so off - and one of the red lights on the dash starts flashing. Initially it blinked a couple of times, but then came on and off under acceleration and braking...
  2. Transalp tire swap with Africa Twin

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi. My current back tire on my transalp 600v 1998 (Back: 120/90-17 m/c 64s) is more then dead, but i have some new tires sitting on my Africa twin 650 1988, (my father told me they are 140/80 R17, no idea how the naming system works.) I guess if they fit, it would be a slimmer tire, but would it...
  3. flat spot

    My 600 (1987) developed a flat spot this afterrnoon, around 4,500 revs she bogs down momentarily before picking up again. It feels like fuel starvation, except that she'll then shoot round to the red line with no problem. So, given that 90% of carburetor problems turn out to be electrical...
  4. Honda CB750A Hondamatic-an adventure bike-perhaps

    Other Honda
    I have got the CB750A sorted and have done a few miles on it now the weather has improved. Its different, obviously with the 2 speed and torque converter transmission, most definitely not a racer, but they are used for drag racing in US slightly, VERY modified! Great for bumbling along the...
  5. No front brakes

    Africa Twin
    Was hoping someone could help with a braking issue (front) on my 1991 AT RD04. I've rebuilt the calipers and fitted the master cylinder repair kit, bled the brakes and fitted new pads but there's absolutely no build up of pressure at the brake lever. A couple of times I've managed a very slight...
  6. Front brake issues

    Africa Twin
    Hi, failed the MOT yesterday :cry: due to uneven braking at the front. I can feel that the braking is uneven (as you apply slight pressure to come to a stop it feels like the disc is warped) but didn't really feel it was an issue. The MOT man did... So...what to do? I removed both discs and...
  7. RD04 being broken for parts

    Africa Twin
    Just listed on UK eBay HONDA AFRICA TWIN RD 04 XRV 750 BRAKING FOR PARTS ONLY cat B ENGINE 89-93 | eBay
  8. 600 single disc brake upgrade bracket for sale!

    600 single disc brake upgrade kit for sale! sold
  9. Brake question

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone gone down to a single disc on their rd04 using standard lever and master cylinder a braided hose and single standard caliper? Apart from the impact on braking will this work?
  10. poor front brakes

    Africa Twin
    ihave replaced one seized piston all pistons push in with two screw drivers quite easy. also have replaced hoses with braided hoses. brakes are spongy and no braking power. you would be afraid to ride this bike. if i leave lever held in for a few hours lever becomes better. but then after a...
  11. Brake caliper bolts - sourcing and repalce or reuse

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Hola. I hope this isn't too much of a newbie question but... I had a bit of a weird rattle coming from the front end whilst braking on cobble and, on checking, one of my caliper bolts (on my RD04) has gone AWOL So, my first question - It's these things right? OEM Honda Flange Bolt 8X40...
  12. What to expect after 150K regarding serious maintenance?

    Hello fellow Alpiners. My '91 XL600v has blessed me with many kilometres around the world and we still have many more to do. We've been on the road for over two years and done about 80k together and the bike has roughly done around 150k. I would tell you the exact number but the speedo unit got...
  13. Strange engine noise on my Honda Transalp XL650V?

    Hallo guys. I'm from Latvia and just bought a Honda Transalp XL650V from a used motorcycle dealer in Germany. This bike had a good price and has pretty much all maintenance done, so I'm pretty happy about it, but unfortunately there is also a dark side to this story. Please help me to...
  14. NX650 RD02 front brake

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi,Honda NX650 1994 RD02 here, I was about to change front brake pads and while taking old ones out those two tabs' fall off from piston tops I put one back in place here ^ just to show you where it was.The thing is, that those tabs don't stay in place any more, it falls down if I put brake...
  15. Removed the carbs and...

    Africa Twin
    This afternoon I removed the carbs as the pilot screws were stuck and I couldn't adjust idle mixture and transition from this bike I bought 22,000km ago in April. The previous owner probably never adjusted the carbs. One of the screws was difficult to turn (they should be buttery smooth), but...
  16. After MOT need to improve braking

    Africa Twin
    My RD07A passed its MOT yesterday but the tester asked how the brakes were when riding. It passed on the rollkng road but maybe after all those Alpine hairpins it deserves some TLC :) So I was thinking braided lines and a full fluid change. What lines have peeps used? Ta chucks :) John
  17. Braided brakelines

    Dominator / FMX
    I have made new brakelines for my ol' girl. I did not want to use the redymade kits from Ebay as i want to keep the pipe piece on the fork, so only way was making them my self with Venhill fittings. I think the result look pretty good, and it make a world of difference to braking capacity. If...
  18. Rear brake.

    Dominator / FMX
    I am having a problem still with my rear brakes on my Dommie. I bought a seal replacement kit for the master cylinder and put them in. After bleeding the brakes there is not much pressure on the brake pedal. My next step was to replace the the rubber hose connecting the resevoir to the master...
  19. Ricor Intiminators unforgiving over bumps ??

    Africa Twin
    Latest rebuild is up and running will post some pics soon. I picked up some intiminators (cheers Ray) they are fitted as instructed with 5W fork oil, the front end now feels very stiff. I expected to loose a lot of the dive on braking and this has happened however the ride is now much less...
  20. Engine rebuild options, costs, valve stem replacement

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, 1996 NX650 Dominator with 34k miles on the clock. Apparently well looked after. Well it is now any way, mileage appears to be genuine from history and MOT’s with the bike. I have noticed on deceleration, engine braking, clutch out smoke from the exhaust. I would like to assume this...