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  1. Looking for Simons Tree

    Two riders, Max Jowett and Doug Smith have started on their own journey from their homes in Devon to Mali in North West Africa looking for the memorial for Simon Milward in Mali in a trip – Looking for Simon’s Tree. and they will fix a brass plaque to the tree...
  2. water pump drain washer size?

    Hi guys.. does anyone know either the Honda part number ..cant find it on the fische? of the drain bolt washer that needs replacing at antifreeze change time...the brass one.. rather have a couple to hand rather than have to find one.. cheers..
  3. facet pump brass conector!

    Africa Twin
    ok call me dumb but where do i get the brass conectors for my new shiney facet pump? :confused:
  4. DIY brass monkey???

    DIY brass monkey
  5. tonyks brass fittings

    Africa Twin
    posted them off tea time today so youll have them shortly cheers:thumbup:
  6. brass monkeys

    Africa Twin
    hi all, and happy new year to everyone, did my first ride out of the year yesterday,the vics brass monkey run. what fun, over 300 bikes and my @. surly there must be someone that lives near me with an @. they,re were riders from stoke...