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  1. Africa Twin
    How much, all in would a set of USD forks cost, inc wheel, disc caliper etc off a KTM640 supermoto/enduro and everything I need to fit it to my bike (RD04) and what could I get for my original forks, etc? Basically swap out the whole front end - labour aside - wopuld I break even?
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Hello! A quick question: are there any differences in the back-cover (most importantly in mounting points) of the speedoblock depending on the generation, i.e. are they identical and/or swappable? Happened to break the mounting ears on mine of a 1995 RD08 while carelessly tackling a motocross...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Anyone recommend some decent brake discs for and RD08 that dont break the bank Running the standard dommie rear wheel with an SLR650 front wheel. Looking on evilbay, prices range from £30 to £130 for a disc??
  4. Transalp
    I am looking for a new aftermarket exhaust for my rebuild. I tried something I bought off ebay a while back but it was really really loud. Any suggestions for ones which wont shatter the neighbours eardrums or break the bank? Cheers
  5. Transalp
    Hi - thanks for taking a look. I've got a Transalp XL600V 1999 model, and love it dearly. I'm looking for a replacement front rim with double break discs, as the old spokes are rusting through. Can anyone help / advise on this? Thanks
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I want to bring the clutch lever closer to the grip on my new AT as it's just a tad too far, but there is no 'disc' to turn like the break lever - Anyone know how I do this? Bit reluctant to fiddle with the free play adjuster, dont know if that actually will bring the lever forward a...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    euro sport ch 401 on my telly tonight 4/01/2016 @ 10.30 pm & 12.30 am tomorrow @ 10.00 pm & 12.20am I haven't seen it yet . I hope Honda are winning but its probably them orange bastards KTM as usual :D . I looked at the results and Honda only won 3 back in the 80's but took a break for...
  8. Dominator / FMX
    Got this for my son bout 3 years ago to give incentive to get his test sorted. Looking sad now and I'm not sure I've got the time to sort it.
  9. Transalp
    Hello everyone, I'm on the road and appeared to be less of a problem? Transalp 700 after a short break will not start,when i gave him throttle start up ... or if wait about 20 minutes start normal. I apologize for the bad language
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm on the look out for a real wheel as my original one is pretty rotten and spokes are about to break through :( Thought i'd ask here if anyone has or could recommend somewhere as I'm not having much luck. I have the original RD03 with HRC colouring so its a Gold Rim I'm after. Any...
  11. Transalp
    Sorry guys ... not the right place on the TA forum I know (although I've still got her ;)) ... the problem is with my daughters scooter. Driving me nuts it is ... starts ok, runs for a minute, then dies a slow death. Wait a minute or so, and repeat the process. Anyone know of a website with all...
  12. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I depart on my A/T for my first european trip next weds.Portsmouth to St Malo,down to the Pyrenees to Pyrénées Motorcycle Tours | Pyrénées Motorcycle Tours, BandB, Gite, located in South West France, twisty roads, breathtaking views, stay with us for a memorable break for 4 nights then on to...
  13. Dominator / FMX
    my 95 nsx has a poor rear wheel.....can it be rebuilt rim ect....or are they now no longer local bike shop says new rims are not available and looking like i will have to break the bit for parts......
  14. Transalp
    Hi all, Thanks so much for the help with the left guard :D:D:D That's sorted !!! It just 'clipped' on !! Just need a bolt for the top with washer, I am sure I will have one somewhere. Guard 2...... throttle side:confused: Tried this morning to fit it and although this seems really obvious, the...
  15. How to.....
    Hi Is there a way to check or to find the fault if the front break lever switch is faulty? My break light works with the rear brake but not the front one. Regards
  16. Dominator / FMX
    A little embarrassed posting this considering how much I've worked on bikes, but help needed. 1999 Dommie. As it says on the tin, no dipped or main beam. Done the obvious, new bulb, tested old one, all good. Checked fuse and tested it, good. Stuck multimeter on headlight connector, no power...
  17. Africa Twin
    Hola, I've been advised (by someone on here) to lube my choke (my AT's returning low mileage) but that I should purchase some "Aluminium Choke Valve Guide" from Rugged Road as the factory ones break just by looking at them. I was just about to order when I noticed the website said they were...
  18. Africa Twin
    I managed to break the glue seal on my heated grips and need to reglue the throttle grip. Will super glue do? Is it strong enough these days? i remember when coming within 10 yards of a tube and your fingers were glued together but that was thirty years ago. If not what is the best glue I can...
  19. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone , I picked up my lovely xl 600 lmf , it's my second one so I was delighted to find another good one , on journey home as I stopped for a break and was walking around bike admiring it I was sick to discover that my battery cover side panel had blown off, can anyone help with sourcing...
  20. Africa Twin
    I dont understand why you would break this bike I would think its worth £2500 as is LOOK HONDA XRV750 XRV 750 AFRICA TWIN 1990 INLET STUBS RUBBERS *FREE UK POST* | eBay Can anybody enlighten me as it would take months to sell it all to get that amount?
1-20 of 87 Results