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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi. I have an rd04 left hand rad has broken. A local breaker has an rd04 rad in stock. Will an rd04 rad fit on an rd04??? Thanks in advance.
  2. Africa Twin
    Fitted 2 of those in my car and wow what a differents! Can I fit those bulbs in my AT ?(RD07A) Best Regards Kasper Winding
  3. Tools
    Okay, I hope one of you knows what it is, as I've searched already! Just bought a tyre changer. You know the ones, around £40 one ring above the other with a bead breaker. What in heavens name is the short fat shaft for? The one which only fits in a hole in the handle and with a large cotter...
  4. Transalp
    Does anyone know if the holder for the parking light bulb is common on other models too? looking at buying one from a bike breaker maybe, the new part 33140-MAT-611 is costing me over 40 euros delivered,seems a lot of cash so I was wondering if one from another Honda model would fit,thanks.
  5. Africa Twin
    HONDA USED PARTS items in africa store on eBay! Might get moved but was having a google and came accross these guys - I have used them before, seem decent guys.
  6. Tools
    HI All Anyone made a foot operated enduro tyre changer/ bead breaker, they look good but a bit expensive for me to buy new, if any one could let me know how to go about making one I would be very greatfull. The foot operated would make it easier to get levers in with mousses and push the bead...
  7. Mechanical Advice
    When you have fasteners that are seized what's the best way to undo them while minimising the risk of shearing them? Taking heat and penetrating fluid out of the equation I can either use the windy gun and hope the repeated short sharp shock does the trick or should I get the really long...
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    I hope I'm not breaking any rules with this post. I've read the rules, but mods please delete if this breaks any rules and accept my apologies. I know RD03 stands are hard to come by. I've just ordered one from a breaker in Greece who sorted me a headlight protector in 4 days. He has a couple...
  9. Tools
    I'm in the market for a new chain tool. My cheapest possible Wemoto one broke a cou[ple of years ago, and I seem to have enough issue with chains to warrant one! Any recomendations out there? It needs to be able to break and rivet chains, but be small/light enough to carry with my kit and not...
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    IMPRESA EDILE SCAVOLO & click honda. his web sites been down for some months, & i've not dealt with him yet, but if you need help with translating a request/question... maybe i could help. why cant he just post me an engine?
  11. Mechanical Advice
    I had a few pm's from interested parties regarding the picture I posted on the bead breaker so not to hijack the other thread here is some more info. Mods I did not stick this in for sale section even though members are more than welcome to approach me for these should they want some :D...
  12. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just seen this on ebay Has anyone tried it or something similar? I can'y quite visualise how it works. Dylan
  13. Chatter
    I managed to find these two tools and wanted to know if anyone has used either one, especially to break the bead on the rear tire? Comments on which one you think is the better tool would be appreciated also. TyrePliers at 700 Grams Cast iron at 2.3 Kg
  14. Africa Twin
  15. Transalp
    If you're in need of Transalp 650 bits, either for spares or to fix a bike, found this on ebay #8011360303 Seller name is t955ibigal Anyone out there have any dealings with this fella ? Seems he has a good ebay history, answers emails reasonably promptly. dunno about quality of parts but had...
  16. Africa Twin
    Hi all Just a question regarding tyre changing. The rear tyre on my @ needs replacing soon. Does anybody know where I can locate a bead breaker as last time I couldn't get the tyre off, I looked on the M&P website but couldn't find one. Also whilst on the subject tyres, anybody know of a good...
1-16 of 18 Results