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  1. Short trip to the Netherlands anybody?

    5 or 6 of us are planning to go to the Assen Moto GP again this year, not all riding Transalps. Because one of the blokes has booked a 4 berth cabin on the overnight ferry there is room for others to go. The ferry leaves Hull on Friday 23rd of June and returns from Rotterdam on Wednesday 28th of...
  2. I need big favour.

    Christmas greetings from Denmark. My son has just finished a contract where he was sent to a motorbike workshop on a work experience type of deal paid for by the Danish government as part of his education as a motorbike mechanic. He starts back at technical college in january for some book...
  3. Another day in paradise.

    Dominator / FMX
    Woke up this morning to birds going mental in the sunshine. After breakfast we had to go to the bike shop for some braided oil line for my bike and some braided petrol line for jnrs bike. We got the bits sorted and it was one of them spring mornings where we just didnt want to go home right...
  4. Happy Birthday Nick in Brum

    reached the ripe old age of 49 today , and dont look a day over 60 :D started with breakfast in bed , and now going for a ride on my bike with my good lady on this lovely sunny saturday , later i'll have some cake :p could things get any better todays special offer i'll be awarding a thanks to...
  5. Done it again......Tuscany and back

    made the trip again with our trike friend Barry. One of the best find was a hostel in Menaggio (COMO), western side of lake Como, there is only one in the village so you can't miss it (Lake Como|Menaggio Youth Hostel "La Primula") , very biker friendly and 45 Euros will get you an en-suite room...
  6. Free BBB

    Hi folks , If
  7. Bagger style

    Other Honda
    Hi all, Over this weekend I had a Honda Goldwing F6B Bagger to play with. I have ridden full on wing before and the bagger definetely feels lighter and more agile...almost sporty! I first set off to get some breakfast and headed to a little cafe in Odiham, Hampshire. I love the flat...
  8. At750 & dr350

    Africa Twin
    It was a good steady ride out over to the Yonderman for a post christmas breakfast meet up a few sundays ago followed by a faster steady ride back I was on my RD07a and Dave (my lad) on the DR350 with the larger tank and we both started out with full tanks Dave had to go straight to work when...
  9. Yonderman breakfast on Sunday anyone

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    We're going to have a run over to The Yonderman (Jellys) cafe on sunday, probably meet around 10-10:30am have a breakfast and the a bit of a bimble round the peaks if anyones interested? weather looks promising according to the met office. I'm also looking at having a ride down the Fosse...
  10. Between Xmas and New Year....

    What you guys doing? For the first time ever I am off between the 24th and the 2nd of jan. Anyone fancy a rideout, meet up, breakfast? Maybe a few little lanes since I am back on knobblies? Maybe the odd ford thrown in? Or all of the above? How about meet up at Rykas down to Ditchling...
  11. Abr end of year meet. W/e 9th nov. Takoda camping

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    We have been approached to hold an ABR end of year meeting at our Campsite, Takoda Camping in Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria CA17 4AP. The event takes place on the weekend starting the 9th November but some riders are turning up earlier. For those who missed the XRV national the format will be a...
  12. Christmas meet

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Christmas meet @ Jelly's We are having the meet on this date as to fit round Frads commitments. No need to come on bikes if you don't want, its just an over night meet 30 Nov 2013 AKA Yonderman Cafe at the junction of B6465 and A623 Wardlow Mires. Camping in the field opposite, breakfast...
  13. BSA and Transalp camping stove ?

    Hi all i have been using my BSA A10 for years for touring and camping all over the uk so the new transalp i have will be used next year for touring around and i will be camping out all the time which brings me to what cooker do you use when making breakfast and a evening meal if no pub local to...
  14. Trying to find time

    Why is it when you plan to do things on your day off ie a good bimble your wife always gives you jobs to do. First thing this morning she said she wants me to cook my specialty for tea ,only fair realy as she cooks all week sort of :rolleyes:,so not to be stuck in doors cooking all day I get...
  15. Yet another day spent in The Peak District

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It must be the draw of a Jellys breakfast but Hudders and me were out and about in the Peaks again Obviously we rode to to top of this hill after the photo shoot Hudders wasn't his usual self ;) The weather was a bit changeable but we had a reet good ride out
  16. Summer Solstice Run June 21st Stonehenge 04:52!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi All. I shall be taking a run down to Stonehenge for the summer solstice on June 21st to see the sacrificial virgins being slayed at sunrise! Heading from Bath at 0330AM to get down for sun up at 0452. Been there on the solstice before but never for sunrise. Weather dependant to a point...
  17. Honda Dominator engine assembly (first time)

    Dominator / FMX
    I am expecting delivery of my new Wiseco piston pretty soon and I want to assemble the engine at the weekend. I pretty much remember how it goes back together but as I am a dommie virgin, do you experts have any tips on what to do and what not to do regarding cam chain adjuster and valve...
  18. Had a trip to Fowlers today.

    Me and a mate from work went for a ride up to Fowlers in Bristol today along the A4 from Newbury to Bristol. I was on my Africa Twin and my mate on his Triumph Tiger 1200. Did a MPG check when I got home and was pleasantly surprised to see she did 53 MPG. It was raining when we left at about...
  19. First time out since my off

    Well with the help of some pain killers (the none drowsy variety) and some determination I managed to get on the bike for first time today, I stayed relatively local to me but managed to clock up 77 miles in 3 separate sessions. The nervousness lasted about 10 minutes until I got stuck behind...
  20. Kent/Sussex ride

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Saturday 6th April 09-30 Wrotham lay-by opp Oakdene cafe TN15 7RR for a ride out and breakfast:thumbup: Whealie Biggles