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  1. Be Safer on the Trail with New O’Neal Element Boots and Save 20% on a Purchase!

    O’Neal Element Boots are some of the most popular among off-roading enthusiasts. And there are a few good reasons for that. First – they feature premium design, high-quality materials, and have a durable construction without breaking your bank. Second – they offer good protection to your feet in...
  2. Just when things were looking better - b*llocks

    Dominator / FMX
    So the weekend was supposed to be a wife free bike stripping and rough tickover solving couple of days with maybe a cheeky ride out or two. All started well other than an exhaust valve inspection cap trying to break while being removed but I managed to remove it with only minor damage. The...
  3. Breaking a very low miles 1 owner Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    In case you dont look in the For sale section very often ? Breaking a very low miles 1 owner Dominator , all Red Plastics , rims etc for sale ... see for sale section on her;)e ..
  4. 1972 Honda XL250 Motosport - Kickstarter assembly problem - Need Help! (See Video)

    Hello, I've recently acquired a 1972 Honda XL250 Motosport and am currently restoring the bike. Before breaking the bike down, I noticed when kick starting the bike that it would make a sound (something like a crude click) and almost feel like it 'gave way' or was 'stripping/slipping' (for lack...
  5. tales of joy and woe on the continent...

    Thought I'd post up a few details of my recent european 'oddessy' on the 'alp. spent the last five and a bit weeks hooning around france, belgium and the netherlands. Had a great time but one or two mishaps along the way. First 'mishap' in Limoges was forgetting to remove the U lock from the...
  6. Design Fault with Front wheel Axle Holder

    Was doing a routine check and found that the front axle holder was broken and the nuts on the studs were so loose that they could come off by hand. Anyway as I do not have torque wrench I managed to snap 1 stud off and then was trying to put a temporary support plate which caused the other stud...
  7. Stalls When Breaking After Carb Service

    Africa Twin
    Evening all, I’ve recently observed some strange behaviour on my old lady (RD03 AT with RD04 motor): After I’ve got her back from receiving some routine service incl. carb cleaning and a new choke cable she tends to stall when breaking somewhat stronger whilst simultaneously pulling the...
  8. Speedo drive keep breaking!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, I am alive and well and still trying to use the Dominator at least once a week despite now owning a new bike. My plans to strip and rebuild the bike over the summer went out the window due to lack of funds. I have however had the front wheel off more times than I...
  9. A sad tale involving my RD07a... And a question to you all!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, hope everyone is well! Unfortunately don't post on here very often but a recent bit of misfortune has prompted me to do so... Long story short, around a month ago was out for a ride on my beloved '52 plate RD07A when a blind Toyota Prius driver decided that i shouldn't be rubber side up...
  10. Dominator Identification

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm in the process of bringing back to life, after five years of hibernation, a 2000 year registration Dominator, but have encountered a few issues while sourcing parts. My frame number is ZDCRD08AOXF321107. Is there a way of breaking down the frame number to identify model year, import model, etc ?
  11. Transalp XL700 Exhaust Silencer

    Hi all! I figure you guys are best fit to deal with this query. Have had my 2010 XL700 Transalp for 3 years (or will have come August) and it is a beauty of a bike, even if I have had to sort out some issues. However, the standard Honda exhaust silencer gave up yesterday and now instead of...
  12. For Sale: 2001 Africa Twin Rd07a breaking..

    eBay - Africa Twin
    P and T bike breakers... Cork Ireland.... Home Ireland phone - 00353 21 4379827 [email protected] he is breaking an entire 2001 RD07a... has everything except the engine.. (which I just bought) but has the rest of the bike parts for sale.
  13. For Sale: Breaking for Spares 1993 Africa Twin All Parts Available

    For Sale / Wanted
    I've tried everything to get my 1993 AT running smoothly and have given up on it; therefore I'm now breaking it for parts. All parts are available. It's the red white and blue 1993 version RD07 with Kappa panniers and a top box of another make. I have 3 silencers available including the...
  14. Main Loom Trouble..... Anyone good with RD04 electrics?

    Africa Twin
    Hi All:) Just returned back home from a global circumnavigation on my XRV 750 RD04 (if anyone is interested: and due to my CDI breaking in china I had to let a Chinese mechanic connect it to another CDI from another bike in order to be able to continue...
  15. Wanted: Honda XRV750 RD07/a

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, New member here and looking for an AT. I recently changed my back & wrist breaking R6 for a Transalp 700, but then wangled a test ride on an AT a week later... The 700 just hasn't clicked with me (it's almost impossible to keep from overheating around any sort of traffic (unless I'm on...
  16. For Sale: Varadero 1000 engine breaking for parts

    For Sale / Wanted
  17. Ricor Intiminators unforgiving over bumps ??

    Africa Twin
    Latest rebuild is up and running will post some pics soon. I picked up some intiminators (cheers Ray) they are fitted as instructed with 5W fork oil, the front end now feels very stiff. I expected to loose a lot of the dive on braking and this has happened however the ride is now much less...
  18. For Sale: Varadero 1000 engine breaking

    For Sale / Wanted
  19. car odb2 scanner recommendation

    car obd2 scanner recommendation I am looking for advice on what car obd2 scanner to buy without breaking the bank. I have a very basic one that does next to nothing but want to get one that covers all vehicles systems inc abs. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Ian.