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  1. Accuracy of Africa Twin RD07 Trip Master converted to give digital speed reading

    Africa Twin
    A few months ago I modified my Trip Master to display the speed in kmph (my speedo gear unit on the axle is busted..) and it was a breeze to do it. However (quite by chance..) I discovered that the speed reading is not accurate! I have mounted my Garmin E-Trex 30 GPS unit on the handle bar and...
  2. Oh little donkey! (Tranalp in the snow)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, new job's taking a lot of my time lately so not so much bike time! But, gotta have that fix! I took the donkey out today to go looking for snow! And DAMN did I find some! Lol! I took a ride up Speyside to Craigellachie, across to Dufftown then on to Tomintoul. In between I took a couple...
  3. 18 inch wheel experience

    Africa Twin
    A thought for anyone considering increasing the size of their rear wheel. I have just changed two rear tyres on 18 inch rims I had fitted to @ hubs. The rims were different widths as Central Wheel had a standard size in stock when I contacted them, and I ordered the 3.5 as this was supposed to...
  4. Seasons whatsits

    Rode to work this morning. Passed a coach, someone inside was half asleep facing the rear, looking outside with that 1000 yard stare that says shit another long day at the office. Then the guy saw me coming, straightened up a bit and gave me a big smile. Now ain't that lovely. This latest...
  5. My Maltese Sunday

    My Maltese Sunday 3rd November, aboard DRZ400sm, pootling about the island after Girlfriend had flown home to carry on teaching duties. To 'Apple's Eye,' Golden Bay, to meet other motorcyclists and shoot the breeze, whilst drinking excellent cappuccino. After coffee, carry on west, along the...
  6. Could this be a REAL adventure bike?

    I plead Guilty, M'lud. My "adventure" bike is pretty damn good for crossing Europe, but it's too big and too heavy for real adventure riding in the under-developed world. The locals there ride their little 125s (and smaller) with road tyres through cloying mud, rivers and all the rest, maybe...
  7. My new lump: Africa Twin in Thailand!

    Africa Twin
    Well, here she is, yesterday's purchase, and my first attemp at posting a pic using Photobucket...... hope it works! The bike was originally advertised as a '99 model but when I asked about the VIN it's only 11 digit, which puts the bike at around '94 or '95. The paint job, as you can see, is...
  8. For Sharrie

    Well now, young welsh girl, Went for a recce along the marathon route today. If the weather is as good today, it will be a breeze :thumbup:, not too hot with a nice SW wind coming in. This is the start at Whitebridge. Really, you start at a high bit in the lay by and run down towards the...
  9. New used Varadero - First oil change

    A few years ago I traded my Kawi Versys for Burgman 650. Last week I traded the Burgman for a Varadero. Oil changes on the Versys were a breeze. On the Burgman, it was a pia. I was hoping the Varadero would be easier. Removing the skid plate and putting it back on was a bit of work. Are there...
  10. sorry but help needed on main stand fitting :(

    ok, realised that i couldnt use the 'axle' rod that came with the kit as i have engine bars fitted that use a threaded bar to secure them to the stand fitting points,.. Well false sense of security overcame me as fitting the actual stand was a breeze. 1hr later managed to get the big spring...
  11. CCTV Advice

    Folks I'm looking for some advice on a cctv system to install after some recent vandalism. The bikes are probably safe in the garage, but someone decided to throw a large rock, like a chunk of breeze block at my car recently. What's worse is they somehow missed the windscreen they were aiming...
  12. Screens for AT and TA by SECDEM France

    Africa Twin
    They produce screens for a lot of bikes, among them are the RD03. RD04 and RD07. Transalps too. Bullster - Bubbles protecrs you from breeze for motobikes and scooters
  13. Laugh ...... or Cry?

    I'm not sure which to do! Two weeks ago my Mod 2 was cancelled because the examiner's bike broke down.... Last week we had a wee bit of a breeze and a little bit of rain - cancelled again.... Just had a call from the person who's organizing (?) all this to say she had inadvertently cancelled my...
  14. Caberg Breeze Helmet

    For Sale / Wanted
    Size XL. I bought this for my brother, but his head is still too big. So unused, still with screen sticker etc on, no box, as I binned it, thinking my brother would not use it when packing for the plane back to SA. Modeled by Nicola, who is 5'11" to give perspective. Collected fromRochaster...
  15. A question for BREEZE please !

    Africa Twin
    Hi BREEZE, Sorry if i'm being cheeky, but am hoping you might be able to help me with a query as you are somewhat closer than me. I am trying to get this front faring from Boano Racing in Caraglio Italy I have e-mailed Boano (Daniele)...