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  1. Brake caliper piston question

    My "front-end" saga continues with the discovery of seized brake caliper pistons and brittle caliper piston seals (that have been in there since 2001) Having never done this before.....Is this piston good for re-use? It seems to slide in and out of the bore ok, but looks a bit pitted/scored?
  2. Wanted: 2001 transalp seat pan

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, Need a seat recovered but my bike is in Ireland and I'm in California! Looking for a seat pan that I can have covered here and bring with me this summer.
  3. 2015 Tyres

    While we are waiting for the new Conti TKC70's to be released in Transalp sizes, Avon have gone and announced a new Trailrider tyre to replace the Distanzia, they're quoting it to be for British riders on British roads. Available in June.
  4. Merry Christmas!

    "Africa Twins" Let's hope 2015 brings us a new two wheeled version from Honda. /K
  5. Anyone from here?

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Followed a CT on Brit plates through Steyr(A) yesterday…anyone from here?;) Couldn't catch it on my Vara:toothy9:
  6. Whats a bikers life worth ???????

    AN 18 MTH COMMUNITY ORDER, SO IT SEEMS Pensioner admits causing collision which killed Camborne motorcyclist Michael Harrison | West Briton Where's the justice??????????????????
  7. Pitting on forks

    I have some pitting/ discoloration on my front forks, the general stuff brought with age, looking to bring them back to life and protect them. What would you suggest?? Cheers
  8. you're going to like this....

    have a butchers at this... Kawasaki W800 Based Scrambler Available From British Dealer « – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews for details see fleabay
  9. 16 miles in 11 years We have a new winner

    Following on from my earlier sighting of 4 miles in 2 years I now bring you 16 miles in 11 years Terrific
  10. Super 10 brings out a smile?

    There were a couple of XTZ1200 on this forum if I'm not wrong. So my question is are you happy with them? (Yes I know there are Super 10 forums all over the web, but I would like to hear it from the Guys on this forum). So, is it an option to the 1200 GS?
  11. Beowulf Exhausts

    saw an ad in Ride magazine British with a English legendary name Oh these look shiney.. the titanium blue one would go nicely on my TriColour Vara May save up over winter
  12. Brits

    Crutchlow 3rd :blob2: Redding 2nd :blob2: & the 'honorary Brit'... Valentino was 1st :blob2:
  13. I Suppose You've All Seen This But I Hadn't, so....

    ....just in case. A friend linked this onto my FB page... Hard to decide what art is.....but sometimes you just know. An emotive piece....real talent. Britains Got Talent - Shadow Theatre Act - 2013 [HQ] - YouTube
  14. Restoring plastics

    Bodgers Corner
    Got some plastics that are bit faded and marked i read somewhere about bringing them back but can't find it now any suggestions :thumb:
  15. For those that have attended Piel Island

    Austin's Adventures
    Hairy bikers show have interviewed his majesty BBC iPlayer - Hairy Bikers' Best of British: Series 2: Islands
  16. Which Air Filter to buy?

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I have a AT RD07 from 1995, and i would like to change my original air filter for something that brings me more "power" and allows the engine to breath better! What models do you suggest? Thks
  17. british bergen side pouches

    Africa Twin
    got asked what they are! two 5 lit side pouches clips onto crashbar. great for moving weight forward when loaded up. clips of to become backpack. total ballance of bike much better
  18. Let's go !

    It'll be dusty and you'll need to bring EVERYTHING ! :) MARS Greeley Haven 360 Panorama - Round the world travel from (don't forget fullscreen)
  19. 2012 National Meet stickers

    National Organisers
    I'm having 100 of these printed, and will bring them with me.
  20. Cheap welder back in Lidl...

    LIDL Great Britain - £40 gets you a welder, mask, and 1 kg of welding sticks. Win. Just popping out for mine :)