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  1. Shock Absorber

    I bought one of the last Varas in 2014, made in 2011 I believe. I’ve done three long European rides (3K to 4K miles) and it’s been brilliant. It’s now done nearly 41K miles and in preparation for another long ride around Europe I’m thinking I should change the rear shock. Just looking at Haynes...
  2. Getting a 700 onto the mainstand!!!!!!

    I’ve had a number of bikes, big, small etc and I’ve never had a bike as hard to put on the main stand as the 700. ive strained my shoulder. strained my foot. Airhead Beamers, heavier bikes... easier. sports bikes with main stands.... easier. 650 Trannie..... don’t remember this being hard...
  3. For Sale: Panniers & Top Box

    For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW SOLD Full set of Givi Trekker Monokey Panniers with liner bags & Top Box. The top box is the large one to take 2 full face lids, and the panniers are also the large versions. The panniers come complete with the lining bags. All items in...
  4. For Sale: hein geicke performance shell gortex trousers size xxl 38-40 uk size

    For Sale / Wanted
    These hein gericke performance shell trousers with vents have been brilliant and have only changed after getting some rukka stuff. Size wise I was a 40 and they fit just right but they will go up or down a bit on that. They are fully waterproof and with liners out and vents open brilliant in...
  5. For Sale: RD07a For Sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys / gals. My 98 RD07a is till up for sale. Had a number of enquiries and time wasters but nobody serious, so advertising here again. Please, if your genuinely interested, give me an initial message. If your just messing around get a hobby or something. 1998 RD07a in excellent condition...
  6. Alpine Pass Bucket List

    Great Roads/Routes
    I may be going to have a couple of days in the Alps in September, on my way back from Croatia. I'm definitely considering taking in the Stelvio, as I've never done it. But I know there are a million brilliant roads in the Alps, so what are the other tarmac coated passes I shouldn't miss out on...
  7. Tour de France

    Africa Twin
    I had a great ride out to watch a stage of the Tour de France today, 200km round trip in brilliant sunshine and light traffic. Even got a nice little souvenir for the workshop.
  8. For Sale: realflight G4 remote control flight sim

    For Sale / Wanted
    realflight G4 remote control flight sim now sold SOLD This is brilliant I really enjoyed playing this and very much like flying the real thing but I upgraded to window 7 and it wont play on my computer now so the operating system you need is Windows XP or Vista. Practise using this will save...
  9. 04 650 battery

    I've been promoting my Motobatt AGM battery part No MBTX9U its been brilliant no problems but last week it dropped dead just short of five years so i'me a bit disapointed am I expecting too much? So I'me considering going back to a ordinary lead acid type, can anyone recommend a specific...
  10. NW Posse outing 5th April

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well what a brilliant day out but it did start foggy but as soon as it cleared wow what a day. First time I have met Mikethebike I would have liked to get a pic when he fell over but he got it upright to quick, amazing how a small rut can stop you :) Anyway we met up at Devils bridge for a brew...
  11. Looking for snow on an Elefant!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, a great finish to a long weekend, took my old Elefant out for a run today, see if I could find some snow! I headed up Speyside to "The Mountain", Cairngorm. So Elgin, over the hill by Dallas to Knockando, follow the Spey, through Grantown then back road by Nethy Bridge to Coylum bridge...
  12. NW Posse outing 1st March

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a brilliant ride out today considering the weather would have taken more pics but cold on hands but we made it out with Paul S on his first outing with his Suzuki drz 400 Austin , Foz1969 and myself at Dunsop Bridge all over Bowland and ended up at Settle. Just made it back before Snow lol
  13. For Sale: Touratech Zega 41 ltr panniers (pair)

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale: Touratech Zega 41 ltr panniers (pair) Having a clear out of all my surplus items, and we have here a pair of Tourtech Zega 41 ltr panniers (complete with lockable lids and lashing points). Although these panniers are used, they are in brilliant condition. They also have...
  14. Givi vs MRA Vario

    Evening all !! Anyone here ridden a Vara with both Givi & Mra Vario screens ?? I have a givi on mine now, but would be very temped to get the latter, as I've had them before on other bikes and found them brilliant. However, all bikes are different, so thought I'd ask if anyones tried both. Cheers
  15. Screen recommendations?

    Africa Twin
    In the coming future I will be looking to replace my standard screen on my RD07a,i don't think I'm going to be a round the world trip but would like something to stop some of the buffeting at 70-80 mph.My 955i Tiger has one of those expensive(£200) Palmer ones fitted by the previous owner and is...
  16. Happy birthday to you lot

    It's like London buses. No birthdays for a while, then three all on the same day! Happy birthday to Win-xp, Traveller and Chronyx. Hope you all have a brilliant day and some nice pressies! Lou x
  17. Another year older for our favourite Cabby

    107! A mere youngster! Have a brilliant time, Cabby. Keep on smiling, eh? :occasion5::occasion6:
  18. Custom Seat XL 650 Transalp.

    What's it worth?
    It's a custom seat that came on my TA when I bought it. It was very comfy for me and the Mrs said it was brilliant for pillion. However being height challenged... The seat meant I could only tip toe the bike and made it a bit difficult for two up riding so I bought a low seat. Not sure how much...
  19. my new sidecar project....

    I know there was a picture posted, however thought I'd repost.....:D:D:D:D just cos I'm so chuffed with it! Collected it on Friday after about 3 hours training (I'd never ever ridden an outfit before!) and then crawled the 120 miles home around the M25...... All I can say is that I found...
  20. JTS once again brilliant service!! Thank you!

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Once again JTS (Motorcycle Clothing at JTS Biker Clothing) have excelled in providing after sale service. I had bought a pair of leather trousers but couldn't get on with them at all (only found out after wearing them on a couple of longish rides). Way past the official return date, JTS have...