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  1. Africa Twin RD03 Conversion Value

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, I am in the middle of converting my US-spec Transalp to an Africa Twin RD03. The frame and most parts carry over to both models. I am using all original Africa Twin parts when possible and upgrade parts elsewhere. All parts are being powder coated or refurbished. In the end...
  2. XL600 LMF Original Tyres

    Hi All Im new to the forum so if I ask a silly question forgive me! Im just bought a 1986 XL600 LMF, a little ruff round the edges, but original UK twin headlight version, Im going to try and bring it back to original so need a few things, one thing I was looking for were the original tyre...
  3. Exhaust Help

    Dominator / FMX
    Morning All, I was wondering if someone could measure the internal diameter of the tail pipe exit on the dominator exhaust for me please? I got my domi scrambler running at the weekend but it's ear bleed loud so I want to design a baffle to go in the cans I'm running. From reading other posts...
  4. RD07 Dual Pulsar question

    Africa Twin
    Hi members. I'm working on a friends RD07 which he's trying to "bring back from the dead". Long story short. The original engine blew (or got blown) and he bought a new one from a stripped down bike. His bike is a RD07 XRV750 T which has onepick up/pulsar coil listed on the Haynes wiring...
  5. Smallest van to fit a 650 in

    I’m working down in Dorset and thinking of hiring a van to collect my bike one weekend, rather than spend 6 hours on the train and then 5 hours back mostly on motorways. It also means I can bring another suitcase of bits and pieces with me, I work at sea so spend months away at a time. Can I...
  6. Fuel Pump Clicking Continuously

    Africa Twin
    The last few days I noticed when I start and stop the bike (for example at a shop) the fuel starts clicking to bring fuel back into the lines . This happens sometimes but not every time. But today about 3-4 times the pump has been clicking as soon as you turn on the ignition and keeps on...
  7. CRF 1000 - another cracked rear rack

    Africa Twin
    This one belongs to my friend. Max weight is 22lbs on that rack (so says the sticker). He had 17lbs of "survial tools and equipement". He went for medium off-roading. Nothing hard. Did a small jump over a ridge and... crack !!! Would you bring less for a day of off-roading ?
  8. Change engine number on V5 - DVLA

    Dominator / FMX
    These days if you want to change the engine number on your V5, DVLA require proof of purchase of the engine, or an engineers report from the garage that did the job (what a load of ballsocks). As the owner of several (ahem) spare engines I phoned them to ask what you're supposed to do if you...
  9. Replacement CDI.

    I am having problems finding a replacement CDI for my sons bike. Its a 1986 Yamaha DT125 LC3. Model 35A/2AJ IHR. Its a Swiss model that has 22bhp so the standard LC1 or LC2 models are different. His bike has been sat in my living room for several months while he changed the tyres and brakes and...
  10. Transalp 700 spring

    I've taken the rear shock out of my 700 Alp and removed the standard spring. I'm sending it to Faulkners for them to make me a stiffer replacement. An off the shelf spring from them isn't an option as the standard one is tapered ( about 3-4mm narrower at the bottom ). Not sure what weight spring...
  11. Found at Beaulieu- Honda C200

    Other Honda
    Went to the Netley and Beaulieu jumbles this weekend and came back with this- A Honda 1965 C200 Touring (90cc ohv), able to bring it home inside the car! Looks as though a previous owner had some tins of desert camouflage paint- a Suez crisis dispatch rider bike? Seems mostly there or in the...
  12. Speedo gear

    Dominator / FMX
    Evening all sorry to bring up this issue again but had my speedo checked today 1999 Dommie and the splines on the blue cog in the housing driven off the front wheel is knackered does anyone know where I can get this single piece as opposed to having to buy the whole kit thank you. Jason
  13. CRF1000L Clutch lever adjustment (bringing lever closer to grip)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I want to bring the clutch lever closer to the grip on my new AT as it's just a tad too far, but there is no 'disc' to turn like the break lever - Anyone know how I do this? Bit reluctant to fiddle with the free play adjuster, dont know if that actually will bring the lever forward a...
  14. Bring on those soggy fields

    Africa Twin
    Modded the side stand today to stop those soggy field fall over events ? adult size hockey puck (75mm) two 6mm allen bolts and nuts. Nuts are pushed into a recess underneath and gripped by the rubber by drilling an 11.5mm hole part way ?
  15. Wanted: 2001 transalp seat pan

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, Need a seat recovered but my bike is in Ireland and I'm in California! Looking for a seat pan that I can have covered here and bring with me this summer.
  16. Advice and hello

    Hi all after having a break for 16 months and selling my bandit i will be back on the road after purchasing my first transalp a 54 plate bike i had a versys for 3 years so im hoping the riding position etc will be kinda similar ive done a few European tours on the versys and hope this will bring...
  17. RIAT 2015 RAF Fairford 17th - 19th July

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Peeps Royal International Air Tattoo Fri 17th -Sun 19th July RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire I go to this each year and we camp on the top field where the professional photographers pitch up to take pictures Good craic - beers, BBQ, bombers, banter I have reserved 4 pitches £240 and there...
  18. Africa Twin spotted in BBC article

    The BBC currently has an article about how TE Lawrence's demise helped bring about crash helmet research and helmet wearing. Who's the mysterious black-clad Africa Twin rider pictured under the Highway Code paragraph? Lawrence of Arabia and the crash helmet - BBC News
  19. Carberg Duke or similar lid - any feedback?

    Hi all, I fancy a "flip-up" lid, mate of mine has a Shoei Multitec and time after time, it's proved that this flip up style is very convenient. However, the Shoei is silly money (£400) so been sniffing around and found the Carberg Duke (Flip-Up helmets - Duke - SB - Caberg Helmets) seems like...
  20. Insurance renewal....worth a few minutes on the phone!

    Just in case it may be useful to other people, my renewal note came through the post as my cover is due to expire in a couple of days. Picked up the phone to see if that was the best price they could do (AVIVA) after going though all the details, they managed to bring the premium down by about...