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  1. One for the collection...

    Africa Twin
    At Moretonhampstead Motor Museum last week. The old Isetta brought back memories, too - I had one as a sixteen year old. If you're down Dartmoor-way, the museum's well worth a visit, particularly if, like me, you grew up in the 60s: many/most of the bikes and cars displayed are everyday...
  2. Engine Identificatio

    Mechanical Advice
    So I have a OHC Honda engine with no identification number this was brought from a police auction. Can anybody help me identify it from the pictures attached it looks like an electric start and is currently sat in a Honda xr frame not sure if these are the same bike or not. If I can identify the...
  3. An uncommon common bike CX650

    Other Honda
    Just brought a 1985 CX650 seemingly a quite uncommon version of the CX500 family, only made a few 1000s worldwide for a year or so. Many of those I ride with have BMW r600/750/800 so had to get something different and found this in Cardiff when I was looking for something quite different on the...
  4. For Sale: RD04 Center stand

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just brought this hoping it would fit the RD03 :-) Its all there £65 including P&P send a private message if interested SOLD
  5. XR200 identification problem

    Hi, I have a Honda xr200 which was brought from a police auction. There are no id marks on this bike as you can imagine, this will never go back on the road will just be used for riding round field etc. Any ideas how i correctly identify the engine i have on this, it is electric start and was...
  6. xl600 lmf

    Hi Newbie here, I have brought myself an old XL600 LMF which i intend to restore, i have since realized that both the side panels i need are like hens teeth! just wondered if any one on here could help or suggest anything? thanks for any help Tony
  7. Another from New Zealand

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    I've recently brought a 1982 XL 250 R, the old girl is in rough condition but all there, it will stay mostly in its working clothes, though I intend to get her back on the road.
  8. What did Father Christmas bring you?

    Dominator / FMX
    Father Christmas brought some tools for my son and some socks for me.:D We used them today to fit the frame loop using a couple of plugs made out of the bit of frame I cut off my dommie. Its such a tight fit that it dont need to be welded but it will be next year. What did Father Christmas...
  9. Am I getting soft with old age?

    I just witnessed one of nicest things in my life. I was walking around a local market with a mate of mine when we were approached by a couple of teenagers and one of them said to my mate,"Hello dad"................(I thought we was gonna get mugged) My mate hadnt seen his sons in four years due...
  10. Pitting on forks

    I have some pitting/ discoloration on my front forks, the general stuff brought with age, looking to bring them back to life and protect them. What would you suggest?? Cheers
  11. What did Santa Bring ?

    As I was a good boy this year Santa brought me . . . . . Iron Man 3 on Blu ray I Partridge & Worlds End on dvd Bonkers by Jennifer Saunders & Bonkers Britain by Will Jackson Old Guys Rule t shirt & mug with a motorbike on Green Elf t shirt Aussie Shark t shirt & Ned Kelly patch Radio...
  12. Dragging front calipers ...

    Africa Twin
    What ever i do to my front caliper they always end up dragging. I brought a very good pair of calipers off a chap here with no corrosion at all. I removed the calipers the other week just to clean in and around the pistons with a toothbrush and some GT85 (only because it smells great ) and...
  13. Lord Vader or any German Speakers

    Hi everyone i think the origin of this Medal/award is in Recognition of Sporting excellence awarded to either German Troops or German People.My Father brought it back with him after getting liberated from a POW Camp in Poland.The Medal/Award is 50mm Diameter and 3mm thick.Does anyone know any...
  14. New member, and new ( to me) AT

    Africa Twin
    Hi A quick intro to me and my new AT, it's a '97' model with 42'000 miles on, I used to have an AT back in '96 and was very pleased with it, I have brought this one with the intention to ride it to Northern Iraq (I work there) more for the ride there rather than using it when I am there. I also...
  15. Africa Twin in lufbra

    Spotted last night 23rd May @ c. 19.00 . Beautiful RWB AT (RD07 I think) riding along the ring road (Epinal Way) towards the university. Brought me a smile after a thankless day at work...
  16. baby alp project

    the 600 looked lonely on the garage so i brought it home a little brother a96 jap alp 400 she has cracked plastics and is a rough oul dog but she'll do her job plans are clean her up,maybe change the colour if money allows,put a stubby scorpian can on it and use her as a traily
  17. Fuel tank and tap

    Hi! Just brought back tank from sprayer and found out that there are some dirt particles in it. Any ideas how I may clean the tank? Don't want dirt blocking fuel tap filter, or worse, going into carb. It's useless turning tank upside down. Also, anyone has an exploded view of the fuel tap...
  18. HELP NEEDED - Disc lock for AT

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone recommend a disc lock for Africa Twins as I've brought a Mammoth shackle disc lock and it won't fit.
  19. kph - mph

    Africa Twin
    Hi all can you tell me if I can fit one of those converter things to the speedo of my twin? ( a bit loathed to admit I have brought on without knowing if it can be fitted) thought I would ask?
  20. For Sale: Africa twin for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    My Africa Twin for sale I brought this only a few months ago on impulse, Situation has changed now and it has to go. Take a look at ebay listing and make a bid, Highest offer over £2500. Africa Twin Honda | eBay