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  1. Forma Adventure Boots

    I just took delivery of a new brown pair of Forma Adventure Boots today and i have too say i'm very impressed.I did do quite a bit of research before i bought them and they had good reviews,they are the only boots that i've had that are comfortable straight out of the box,i have no connection...
  2. ngine casing restore?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi again oh knowledgeable ones Here is my next issue that needs attention. The left hand engine casing is corroded and pitted. I can sort that out easily enough but the finish on my casings looks to be a grey brown tint. Is this a spray paint finish or liquor? Can I get that same finish? I know...
  3. Which Road Tyres Transalp 700

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I'm sure this will have come up before, I'm not an off road type rider I prefer the black stuff under my wheels not loose brown stuff. With that in mind which is the best all-rounder tyre, I've got my eyes on the BATTLAX BT-45V / BT-45. I know everyone has their favourites and I have had...
  4. For Sale: Bits and bobs

    For Sale / Wanted
    Have some bits and bobs for sale as Ive cleared out my garage Heavy duty 21" inner tube £12 posted Harlvarssons Fokker Trousers Great comfy trousers but too big for me nowadays 40" waist and Im 5 ft 11 and good enough for a bit taller on the inside leg Heres the spec Halvarssons Fokker trousers...
  5. Neutral switch

    Hi guys just got a bmwr850r s reg and i love the bike....the problem is the neutral green light is on all the time and the lad i got it off gave me a new bmw neutral switch with the bike....he said he never had time to fit it because i got the bike off him before he had time to fit it....what i...
  6. New seat cover

    Dominator / FMX
    I just removed the seat cover from my Dommie to find an imprint of the prvious owners ass cheeks and crown jewels on the foam.(YUK!):pukeright: The foam is stained brown from the bike being stored somewhere damp and it took me ages to get the marks off with sandpaper. Where can I find a...
  7. Ceramic Coating

    Africa Twin
    A couple of lads from the old dart run a ceramic coating business here. They love bikes (Norton's) and they look after me price wise. Just as well... I keep buying bikes :) Re-build thread coming soon... as soon as I get the panels back from the paint booth. Ceramic coating on my de-catted...
  8. Ignition wiring

    Africa Twin
    Howzit, I've got a second hand 2000 twin, recently having problems with the ignition After inspection of the wiring I found that some wires has been cut and hanging loose two brown wires and a yellow one All other wires has also been cut and just twisted together, got the problem solved, just...
  9. after first run, a wee bit of brown stuff bear the carbs - help in identifying pls

    sorry guys, "newby just bought the bike and paranoid something is wrong" question. after a short 50miler yesterday, was cleaning the bike and noticed some stuff appeared from which i think is around the carbs, just wondering if this is something which i should be concerned about? in 2 yrs...
  10. Essex drought Fact or fiction?

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    After reading all the doom and gloom in the papers about our drought I thought I better go out and have a look. :toothy10: Expecting the Essex countryside to look like this Fields littered with dead animals,like this But nothing prepared me for what I was about to see. It's a lot worse...
  11. Ain't nobody got time for that...

    Americans :laughing7: :laughing8: :laughing9: :laughing1: :laughing6: Sweet Brown: No time for bronchitis. - YouTube
  12. WHITNEY HOUSTON the first thread

    Guess most people have heard that she's dead now, probably an overdose. Whats people's views on it? personally i always loved a lot of her early work but gradually she went down hill. Things probably got worse when she met Bobby Brown but they seemed like peas in a pod. I have no time for drug...
  13. Gunky Brake resevoir

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, having a couple of minor issues with my front brake, plunger not fully returning so tried to whip off the res cover and mangled one of the skrews, since manged o drill it out (thankfully with no issues) and ordered new skrews, but on opening found a green/ brown jelly substance and murky...
  14. New 700 Transalp and Winter

    Hi all Looking to buy a new XL700, but wondered what the consensus is on their ability to survive winter without disappearing under a white and brown fur. I would look after it and use the essential ACF50, but I do like to ride in all weather and on salty roads. So what's the verdict - capable...
  15. Recycling

    We now have. A green bin for out general household waste A brown bin for our garden waste A blue bin for cans and glass bottles A red bin for cardboard A blue bag for paper and magazines A clear bag for plastic bottles And now we are getting a black bin for food waste. So that makes 7...
  16. Brown fat?

    I have just been reading on of the Sunday paper supplements that periods of time sitting in cool temperatures stimulates the production of brown fat in your body. This brown fat is then burnt in preference to the normal yellow fat just to maintain body temperature. That's it then, the heated...
  17. Knees up mother brown

    Keeping with the tradition of this forum of having dodgy knees I am now putting in a bid for the second worst knee of the forum. I can't beat Boboneleg's KTM extension but I think I have knocked Sharribee into third place. I finally had my knee operation on Monday. It turned out to have been...
  18. Brown Trouser Moment

    Bit of a brown trouser moment on a ride after I had finished at physio today. Just come off motorway and decided to head home through some back roads until I hear a squeal and clatter of plastic rubbing against the wheel. So I pull into a side road to find my front mudguard has decided to come...
  19. Brown stains in underwear time

    Skidmarks??? I'd say more than just on the runway!!!! BBC VIDEO LINK Kymmy