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  1. Tld 2010 report

    The Longest Day
    VERY ROUGH INCOMPLETE DRAFT - PICS WILL FOLLOW WHEN I AM DONE The Longest Day 2010 Team XRV Route - Number of bikers - Number of miles - Reason for ride - Amount raised - This was an annual event that I had been looking forward to with some gusto after having done the 2009 event. With so...
  2. For Sale: Honda CB1000F (BIG ONE)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Due to Gordon Browns Fiscal Policies doing it's best to ruin our country (W**K*R), i've decided to put my CB1000 up for sale Black P reg '97 Sorned Mot Sept 76860 miles (though looks and rides like 50k miles less) Ohlins rear shocks New Front Fork springs/oil/dust seals Braided brake hoses...
  3. Ride For Rights Gathering - London - 20th Oct.

    Morning! I don't know much about this event except what I read this morning in Motorcycle Sport and Leisure and on 'tinternet, but it appears to be a mass rideout and protest for riders rights, in particular against the inclusion of motorcycles in the congestion charge. The ride / protest is...