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  1. Clothing Store - Birmingham

    Any recommendations for motorcycle clothing shops in and around Birmingham/Wolverhampton area? Looking for somewhere to browse and try on gloves, boots, etc. Googling throws up J&S in Deritend, and Bikers World in Coleshill. Anyone used either store? Any good? Iain
  2. How to post a pic

    I used to be able to easily post pictures, just by clicking image and downloading straight in. Just tried now and don't have the option to browse, is it because im no longer subscribed, :(:(:(
  3. Post your photo competition entries

    Charity Calendar
    Please use this thread to post your photos for the 2014 calendar competition. (see instructions how to do this in the "guidelines" thread). Please do not use this board for general discussion / banter - it is just for photos
  4. Anyone tried these?

    Just seen these, and the price is right, but are they any good? Anyone got them? Heated Grips HG000122/C
  5. Just got back from a "browse" around DK Motorcycles

    Anyone care to guess A) What I just bought B) How much trouble I'm in when she gets back from the stables It's spring I just couldn't help myself and you do realise I will be blaming you lot :D