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    Now Christmas is over I have been assessing the damage. Not to the Bike but it will have an affect on handling, performance and fuel economy. What I mean is My and your weights. 3 years ago I lost 4 stone in weight, I felt great, clothes fell off me and every thing was easier. Since I stopped...
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    My pride & joy, stolen last night........ Totally gutted.
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    Went to bed at 00:30 last night. About 01:45 something woke me up but I couldn't figure out what it was. The wife's not snoring, baby's not crying, there's a beeping noise which doesn't sound like the fire a... OMG my bike!! Jumped out of bed, looked out the window and saw that my bike was...
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    I work in Westminster in an area where there are loads of government offices and political party headquarters, so the place is absolutely infested with CCTV cameras. There are also quite a lot of pedestrians all day long and still they have the nerve to try and steal the bike in broad daylight...