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    Have I missed the thread...? Well happy birthday anyway!!!
  2. Chatter
    Just thought I'd let you guys know that btbloke (Rich) was admitted to Northampton General Hospital yesterday evening, with stomach pain. I am sure like me, most of you send best wishes for a speedy recovery. :thumbup:
  3. Chatter
    Just had a text from BTBloke, a 7lbs 12oz boy version, mum and baby doing well :):):):):):):)
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    Have you seen this You were there last time.:D
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well as you can imagine. Only having done 350miles on a bike then going off road I was Nevious and sweating like hell. And thats before I met up with BTBloke. LOL........... Me and BTBloke met up on sunday afternoon and spent about 4 hours riding around Northampton. From green lane to green...
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    Happy Birthday Chef, you Old Fart... :) Permission is now granted to Crisis... :) Forty Something.... I beleive they have places in Switzerland that can help you and its legal... :rolleyes: :wav::occasion4::wav:
1-6 of 8 Results