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  1. K & N Filter?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, I was wanting to get rid of the air box and put a K&N filter or similar on and wanted any advice on size, type or shape. As you can see from the attached it must be possible. Also probably need re jetting so again any or all advice welcomed. BTW K&N were less than helpful when I asked...
  2. Hole in exhaust...meant to be there?

    Africa Twin
    Discovered a hole in my original exhaust, on the underside as it starts to sweep up. Looks like it's meant to be there, but can't think why:happy6: Unless something has fallen off that should be attached... It's an RD07 btw...i'll post a pic later if that'll help:thumbright:
  3. Exhaust muffler; any difference btw. RD07P and RD07W

    Africa Twin
    Decided to replace my broken can with an original one to hear its lovely sound back. There is one in David Siver but it is built for 1993 RD07 "P" model where mine is a 1998 "W" model. Does anybody know whether it will fit it to mine exactly. I really need this info. :(