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  1. Great Roads/Routes
    I may be going to have a couple of days in the Alps in September, on my way back from Croatia. I'm definitely considering taking in the Stelvio, as I've never done it. But I know there are a million brilliant roads in the Alps, so what are the other tarmac coated passes I shouldn't miss out on...
  2. Photography
    Ok need some help here guys. First of is the calendar still going ahead and how can I upload pics for it. All my pics are in photo bucket,of most I dont have the originals anymore. So will photo bucket do ?
  3. Varadero
    How vital is it to do the 16k mile valve clearance check/fix on the Vara if the bike has been regularly serviced prior to this time? I know that the bucket and shim setup is very robust but dare it be left for say, 18-20K?
  4. Africa Twin
  5. Transalp
    well not quite my bucket, rather my Transalp :mad: its leeking coolant out of it, took a picture to save trying to explain so between the cylinders there is that metal tube/pipe connecting them together, just under the carbs. have spoke with my local garage and they have...