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  1. Classic yamaha dating certificates in the uk

    How to make an application for the retention of a vehicle's original registration mark If you own a motor vehicle whose registration mark is not held by the DVLA, you may still be able to successfully apply for the retention of its original registration mark. To retain the vehicles original...
  2. TLD Rider Packs - Update

    The Longest Day
    Ladies & Gents, Where are they ? Yes I know we said end of April, but I was severely let down by Sign Wizard of Aylesbury. We made a few changes to the t-shirts and I asked them re-quote and am still waiting for a reply, bloody useless firm ! So I was recommended another company by the printers...
  3. New Buff

    My new XRV Buff turned up today, very nice well pleased. well done guy's :thumbup: Nigel.:blob8:
  4. Rub N Buff Nice and shiny

    Although not as impressive as one of Thunder's mighty erections! I've just discovered Rub n Buff. Whilst I was an exponent of ACF50 before most bikers had heard of it, I did not know about Rub n Buff; wow! I know a lot of Beamer guys know about it already and appears to be destined for cast...
  5. TLD Buff Sponsorship

    The Longest Day
    The very kind people at Team Buffera have donated a considerable amount of goodies for the TLD Chairty Auction, in return they would like as many photos of us advertising the Buff brand, during TLD. Every rider will receive a small round Buff sticker, with their riders pack, but I am looking for...
  6. Pre-order your Buffs!!! Please!

    Right well after some outstanding help from Farky we have some XRV Buff's that are about to be delivered in few weeks time. These are top quality original kit. Basically these are £15 for one, £25 for two and £35 for three to your door. I have had to shell out an arm and a leg so please help...
  7. My dad dropped her

    Africa Twin
    My dad came back from a test drive and blocked the front wheel on gravel. The bike came to a practical still stand before he lost control completely and both he and the bike fell to the ground with a most unpleasing sound. My dad was on the verge of crying, so I told him it was allright. Those...
  8. Recommendations on a home cinema system

    Has anyone got any recommendations on a home cinema system. I'm no movie buff or audiophile but mine has just died and am playing sound through the flat screen and its crap! So I need to get something sorted. Looking at the budget end of the market say up to £300 and ideally want Blueray player...
  9. SciFi Buffs

    On 13th of April Sci-Fi channel is showing the remake of V the series. This got me thinking about the other cult series that have been on. Apart from the Star Trek series of which Enterprise had an error that put into question the Star Trek TOS episode about the Romulans. I think the Original...
  10. So, should we have gone in?

    Over here in Tallinn, given my other half's aversion to satellite, I rarely get to grips with current affairs any more. Once in a while I'll stream the Today Programme from the BBC website; yesterday I listened to an episode of Jeremy Vine discussing the Chilcott Inquiry and last night I...
  11. The first step to Carbon Fibre

    Bodgers Corner
    Well, I decided to fabricate some Carbon Fiber parts for my RD07 and started to read/watch/ear/eat/sleep every kind of information I could get on the subject. £200 (in supplies) later, I started to make the mold for my first attempt. Although the pics make it look quite simple, ther is a lot...
  12. Another Heated Grip Problem

    Mechanical Advice
    Well I'm guessing those of us who have heated grips are turning them on right now (figurativley speaking) Well I discovered yesturday (on a cold and wet and windy Exmoor) that my Oxford Heated grips little red 'your on and gonna be warm soon' light comes on, but the warmy goodness fails to...
  13. Arrow on 600

    Just got an Arrow delivered but have had to take of header pipes as they have some holes in it so they need welding up first. Tail piece was shot so had to get a new exhaust and will have to buff off the not for road use writing. In the kit there is an ali piece does this replace the need for a...
  14. Cleaning the engine

    Africa Twin
    I want to clean up the engine before I put it back in the frame. I might try citric acid first as that's meant to be good for ally, I defintely don't want to polish/buff it just remove the crud and oxide and get it looking new again :D Any other ideas?
  15. Leatt Neck Brace

    Product Reviews
    My Adventure Leatt brace arrived today. My wife took some piccies tonight to give you an idea of the positioning. Apologies for the ugly model but that's the best I coudl do :D First let me say that the restriction you expect from this brace is not at all as such. There is NO and I repeat NO...
  16. Virtual Cinema

    Ok folks I love nothing better than a good movie or DVD, but I wouldn't call myself a movie buff. To rival the server busting Virtual Jukebox, I thought I'd start this thread, so people can post up links to trailers, clips, or even a synopsis of their favourite movies. They don't have to...
  17. Dirty engine

    Hi all Bought the Vara 1000 in UK and the ally is in a realy bad way(probably salt off roads) whats the best way/product to clean it i,ve solvoed it with a toothbrush but cant get it all or buff it up ANY IDEAS Phil:blob6:
  18. Picture of New Panniers for my TA

    Hi everyone, thought i would post a pic of the panniers that just got put on.... Had a 12,000km service and got them to attach all the accessories aswell....Got them to put a K&N filter, handle bar risers and new BT-45 tyres... I have a touring screen to go on aswell, but waiting to get the...
  19. The sump guard

    Africa Twin
    I have cleaned the sump guard on my @ but there are still some black spots on it " No holes just spots ". I have tried autosol to silverflo, it takes off everything but the spots, Or would i be better leaving it in to get polished up with a buff at a local car wheel repair "they fix dents paint...