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  1. Wheel builders

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone reccomend a reliable UK wheel builder?.
  2. Building a special.

    Dominator / FMX
    For all you budding bike builders out there.:thumbup:
  3. Need some help chaps

    Dominator / FMX
    I am making a seat base for my flattracker and need an address of any custom seat builders out there to make my seat cover. I can shape the foam myself and need someone to make just the seat cover for me. If you have any links so I can contact them, that would be great.:thumbup: Cheers...
  4. Builders near Edinburgh

    Anyone here know of a builder who'd fancy a wee building job in Edinburgh? I'm looking for someone to build an extension to my garage which will make it 4M longer. Rendered brick or concrete block 1 window and one single access door Cash job etc....
  5. builders please...what sort of cement do I use....

    Chatter repair some pointing and a damaged drain. The pointing (I think its called pointing) is needed at the gable end of my garage and fills in the gap between the brickwork and the tiles. Its gone black (mould?) and is either crumbly and falling away, or falling off in big chunks. The...
  6. Question for the Builders on here

    I would like to build a cover for my bike but :!: Got to be on the cheapish site and sort of rock solid.Remember the wind here is a bit strong,it blew my @ over the other day Here is a pic of the space i have available and what i am thinking of is a roof across from my wall to my fence and than...
  7. Wheel Builders

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Came across these chaps.... Have sent them an email to see what they can offer us.