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  1. Africa Twin
    Bought these bad boys from for 11 euros(dynamic pricing if you search direct you pay a higher price than if you browse and they show up)(number four of the ones shown) took two weeks to arrive, look good quality with a built in cooling fan etc. Fitted today and the result is like...
  2. Dominator / FMX
    :mad: I own a honda vigor fx650y,built montessa honda factory spain 2000,first reg 2002,the one and only key was stolen from my home along with my car and household items(we were asleep,he was in our house for 30mins),i will have his thumbs if i find him,however i now need a key to start the...
  3. Triumph
    A while ago I did a thread on here about a custom SLR I built.....was just re reading it then noticed theres a Triumph section here! So heres a few pics of latest Trident project....
  4. Africa Twin
    Guys,..pls dont punish me but I still got caught in this - looking for a decision whether to go for RD04 rather then for a RD07 :-/Can you guys tell me about your experiences or the technical differences? Red about wight, slightly different style as well as air filter built more to the top - BUT...
  5. Dominator / FMX
    The question has been raised here about build quality on the Montessa built models. I've recently been buying NOS parts for my fleet and they come in the original packaging. I have found that all chassis parts come in bags that say "made in Spain", but all engine parts come in bags that say...
  6. Africa Twin
    Anyone know?
  7. Africa Twin
    hi, i have a 1994 xrv750 it has touratech seat fitted but i dont find it very comfortable,i find it is pushing me forward and i think it would be more comfortable if i was sitting flat. i have the original seat base which has no foam or cover. has anybody had a seat built by a company or can you...
  8. Africa Twin
    Well went to the bike show yesterday just for a brouse but also to check out the new AT. Looks great well built but christ its small .... on mine im on tiptoe with me Sidi Crossfires on at 6,2 on the new one flat foot with legs bent and your sitting in it not on it .... needed to be 6" taller...
  9. XR
    I've bought a few of these now and have been bringing them back to 'better than new' standard. They're such a rare bike here and such a bloody fantastic bike too. Why we never got them here is a mystery. They're still produced and sell well in USA, Aus and South Africa. Unchanged since 1993...
  10. Dominator / FMX
    One I knocked up earlier in the year. This was my own bike so kind of just played around with it making it how I liked myself. Not scared to crash it either. It came off roading with me a few times. I had a Hagon with stiffer springs so it handled quite well. I've done a couple of XR650L's...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    After many hours of surfing the net to find a seat for my project bike , I found one that I like but its a custom built seat from the US. The seat costs $225 dollars plus about $100 shipping and then Danish import tax and vat sticks about $125 on top of the bill. Do any of our members know of...
  12. Ride Reports and Pictures
    A couple of pics (avoiding the bins) of my new Transalp beastie after this morning's thunderstorm. Shot around Colchester UK - Garrison Church, a victorian wooden colonial style building now owned by the Russian Orthodox Church. And at Bourne Mill built in 1591. Cleaned out the crappy...
  13. Africa Twin
    Cheers, next question is slide diaphragms....noticed an ad on EBay for new ones for the RD04, had to be bonded in etc, I have one badly ripped on my RD07, are they available for RD07 or am I looking at whole new slide with built in diaphragm? £85 plus vat...ouch!
  14. Africa Twin
    New Honda Africa Twin Finally Revealed at EICMA? » ADV Pulse ?2015 Honda Africa Twin: Finally An ADV Bike Built For Dirt How could they not have released it in HRC colours - criminals!
  15. Bodgers Corner
    A mate of mine built this one. Parts from cars and mopeds. We loaded it ful of Herring, potatoes and beer and drove out to: Midsummer time you know. :p
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    Bristol Italian car/bike festival on in centre of Bristol tomorrow Website - BIAMF Take your Transalp 650 it was built in Italy !!
  17. Ride Reports and Pictures
    I thought I'd share some pictures from a week ago, and from last saturday. Me and my mate were trailing gravel roads over to his new house. That's the new house (built in 1880) This is the old one, built in 1850-isch something: He got some more buildings on the area too: There will...
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Did any one watch James may on TV last night on the isle of man & did you notice the police bike he had following him, looked like a Crossrunner, Enjoyed the program , thought it was amazing how they built the bike out of macarno, Moor enjoyable than watching the usual same old 200 mph...
  19. Transalp How about this then these bikes were built long before the term adventure bike was thought of!
  20. Bodgers Corner
    Anyone on here that's built their own panniers know the best and cheapest place (not always the same) to get the aluminium? Who's done a set? Did you fold corners or just use angled strips? thanks in advance, I fancy tackling this!
1-20 of 48 Results