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  1. Wanted: Corbin Seat for AT RD07a (or similar)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bike back on the road now but remembering last year's "numb bum"! Does anyone have a Corbin seat they no longer require or Touratech or similar? Or, perhaps you have one I could borrow before I shell out for a new one? Thanks all, Jayne :)
  2. Wanted: Comfort seat for Varadero XL1000va

    For Sale / Wanted
    As a sufferer of num-bum ,does anyone have a comfort seat suitable for my 2012 XL1000 Thanks
  3. handlebars

    Been trawling through Ebay using the Ebay search link on this site, and came across some clip on handlebars. Now to me this would be plain silly, I can't ever imagine anyone would want to fit them to an adventure style bike ( but who knows?). It got me thinking though, has anyone changed the...
  4. Which center stand is this?

    Africa Twin
    After rebuilding my RD03, I nearly forgot that I had repainted this center stand until the other day I stumbled across it sitting in a corner. As you can see, I had it on the bike before, but the bike would sit crooked as the mounting hardware (spacers) didn't seem to be the correct ones. The...
  5. Where do these hoses/tubes go? RD03

    Africa Twin
    Of course as I am putting the fuel system back onto my RD03 I am becoming accutely aware of all the photos I should have taken before stripping it off... So help me out here. 1. Where do parts number 15 and 17 go to off of the carbs? I 17 going downward along the vertical frame strut and not...
  6. RD03 Clutch plates

    Africa Twin
    About to order the necessary bits to redo my clutch. In the drawing, am I correct in thinking that I need the following; #6, 22201-MN8-000 or 22201-MN8-700, quantity= 7. #7, 22201-302-010, quantity= 1 #15, 23311-200-000 or 22321-MN8-000, quantity= 7. In summary, 8 friction plates (one of which...
  7. For Sale: Ladies Black Draggin Jeans

    For Sale / Wanted
    Size 16. Excellent almost as new condition, bought at the bike show in 2012 and worn for a couple of trip last year. No armour, dunno what happened to it :dontknow: They are boot cut, mid rise, stretch black denim of the usual draggin' quality and knitted kevlar lining, quite long in the leg...
  8. long ride

    CRF - New Forum!
    well back just under 3000 miles on crf250l in 7 days to ayora in spain never missed a beet hard seat on bum and 65 to 70 all the way
  9. New seat cover

    Dominator / FMX
    I just removed the seat cover from my Dommie to find an imprint of the prvious owners ass cheeks and crown jewels on the foam.(YUK!):pukeright: The foam is stained brown from the bike being stored somewhere damp and it took me ages to get the marks off with sandpaper. Where can I find a...
  10. varadero ride height, lowering links fitted?

    My new (to me) 2004 varadero feels quite a bit lower than the 2006 vara I had a few years ago, I wonder if it has been fitted with lowering links. The preload has been set to much the same setting-fairly soft. The parts lists indicate the 2004 to 2010 UK models all have the same link part...
  11. For Sale: Custom lowered seat for 700 Transalp.

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale: My Tony Archer lowered (-20mm) saddle. Two kinds of material for rider & pillion. Very comfortable and very well made of course. I have had little use of it recently due to an unplanned visit to Canada. I have ordered another custom seat so this one has to go. I've only got one bum...
  12. My new seat

    Hi, Every one, Thought you may like a look at my new seat, Had a gell insert fitted, lowered by one inch & had it recovered in basket weave with silver piping Main reason for having it done was comfort on long trips, hope the gell helps with the num bum syndrom. Off to Austria, Italy &...
  13. Passed - at last

    Well - despite my nerves (and the pressure from already failing first time round) I managed to pass my Mod 2 today so ... guess what I'll be doing this got it .....I'll be sorting out the AT and getting it ready for the road!! Funny thing is I'm so aware of the responsibility of...
  14. My Bum Approves

    Africa Twin
    In preparation for TLD I though I'd treat my rear end to a new seat. I tried it today and it's great. Gel filled luxury....:thumbup:
  15. sore bum?

    Bodgers Corner
    for a loooong time now i've been wanting to do something about the seat on the tralp. I can't sit on it for more than an hour without a certain amount of pain. I've looked at getting a new seat made (400€!) or getting the one I've got re stuffed (300€). Well I at long last found something I...
  16. BUM DAY.

    :cool: Well after a bum week at work with odd hours and stress and more stress I was looking forward to a pleasent weekend, Not so :mad: I took the bike out for an enjoyable blat down the lanes and to stop at several places along the Moray coast, when not too far from home [thank god] BANG...
  17. sore bum solution

    Mechanical Advice
    anybody tried cycling shorts under the leathers? I'va a 600kish trip to do sunday & can only usually stay on the tralp for about an hour & a half in one go so am looking for a quick & cheap answer to at least alleviate the pain... Ta
  18. Does My Bum Look Big in this ?????

    My new avatar I mean ................ The latest action shot of me riding my bike ................ I WISH !!!!!!:( I think it's Cyril Despres , who won the motorcycle section of the last REAL Dakar in 2007 .......... and it's a KTM 690 not a 990. I just thought the shot looked cool...
  19. Does my bum look big in this?

    I'll have one in black please.......or if they can also invent a colour darker than black I can get back to eating!!:rolleyes: Check out use by animals!! Freaks!!
  20. Xander's bum

    Africa Twin
    Xander..... hows your bum after a week in that new seat of yours.... would you recommend that I purchase from CM seats or go elsewhere.... Need to get one sorted for a 2 week tour in June.... Can you tell us about the rest of the trip too.... how far did you cover? any piccies ect... Ox ...