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  1. Q: Transalp 650 too soft front

    Hi all, i'm having a problem when going thru the small bumps.. front fork goes all the way down and hit my roll bar.. Can i do smth to fork with other oil? Or should i go with new springs?
  2. Clunking from front end.

    Hi folks, my 1989 transalp is clunking like mad when I ride over rough surfaces or speed bumps etc. I can't see anything obvious and just wandered if anyone has had similar problems or can offer some suggestions ? Cheers Baz
  3. Bump staring an AT

    Africa Twin
    Bump Starting that is...... I've never needed to bumpstart the beast but I've tried it a couple of times to see how easy/hard it was. I found it impossible. I once rolled down a hill with it and tried but also no luck. One day I might have to. Has anyone done this successfully?
  4. Battery / charging issues varadero 125

    Hi All, New member Stumble here! First I have to say that I wish I'd found this site earlier, as I could have saved a few pennies!!. Well this is my situation, I have an 06 125 varadero, a few days ago on the way home from work(after night shift) the bike started an ran fine. The rain was...
  5. Speed bumps

    How not to: // Media » Police vs Speedbump :(
  6. Docklands Riders Club

    On the good advice from Whealie, I eventually booked my two boys aged 12 and 9 on a day out at the above. Chris, I have but two words for you....THANK YOU!!!! What a brilliant afternoon. I was so impressed with both lads that I was almost in tears. Leonardo was given a 75cc Honda with...
  7. Spitfire

    Wow ! This morning, there I was, at home in Floriana, 'enthroned,' hearing something coming ... hearing that evocative, it must be, distinctive sound of a Merlin engine passing, growling, echoing off...
  8. air filter

    Hi chaps. Bought this air filter for my Dr AIR FILTER FOR SUZUKI DR350 1990-00 | eBay It says on the rubber part to oil before use. I thought you just needed to oil the foam filters? What oil should I use for this then? Also does the dr really need rim locks? I think they make tyre...
  9. Help! XR400 not revving!

    Hi folks I've finally come to my wits' end with my '98 XR400. I bought it a few months ago all working just fine, and a weekl later bundled it into a van with my brother's KTM, off to Wales to do the Yamaha Off Road Experience. (We had an awesome day by the way, I can totally recommend it!)...
  10. New triumph tiger explorer

    HI What do you think of the new explorer, took one for a test ride for 2hrs, fantastic. :thumbup:Loads or torque in any gear. very smouth, the only issue i had was the fly by wire throttle. You have to be very light on hand when going over bumps, but over all the bike was great, When i started...
  11. Engine not running right

    Africa Twin
    My Rd07a has a problem which is starting to get a bit worse. When rolling off the throttle and back on it feels like there's no power there for a moment and at steady throttle it sometimes feels like it's surging (most noticeable in top gear) - this is all very subtle mind you, but I'm finding...
  12. Evolution of a Rally Bike. Almost.

    :blob7: Hello and best wishes to all (really) big off-road bike fans. With your permission I'd like to use this thread to detail the slow and potentially painful process of managing to make a (half) decent off roader of the mighty Varadero, and how it, and I, fare on this journey of discovery...
  13. front forks not working/sticking below 25mph .... ?

    Africa Twin
    Would I be right in saying that I need to replace the telfon coated bush at the bottom of the slider as upto about 25mph the front end doesn't react to small lumps/bumps in the road surface? Recently changed the fork oil which did improve things.
  14. Offroading on 70 acres in dyseth

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    quick post for any of you in the north wales area. sunday 19th june 10am-4pm at dyseth field, Lloyds farm. great little patch with bumps and trailing bits and a big hil to climb, just for the easier going riders really, and im waiting to find out about camping the night before so we get an early...
  15. What are modern cars for?

    I have a 28 year old Mercedes Benz. It starts and runs perfectly, the cruise control and air-conditioning work with no faults, it costs pence to insure and copes with London's speed-bumps like nothing else. There is a sense of occasion every time you use it, other motorists are polite towards...
  16. Bmw r1200 gsa

    Test Ride Reports
    Yes I bought a shinny new GSA Before christmas and have been riding under 4 thousand RPM in between work, Ice and Snow storms up to its run in target of 600 miles well 750 now. My old GSA fitted me like a glove you pointed it at something and it went. The new shinny Fat Bird has not pushed the...
  17. Couple of hours out in Yorkshire trail riding

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Managed a couple of hours trail riding today. Just what the doctor ordered :) Beddowsm came over to sunny but cold yorkshire to help with some work on the house and Mike being Mike can't take the simple route there and back - good one Mike. So we went to thurlstone and had a run around the...
  18. Highland Fling

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A little while ago, a few of the boys suggested a 'lads' trip to Scotland to blow the cobwebs away, before the clocks go back & winter sets in..... With a date set, B&Bs booked & route planned, I set off in earnest, on Friday morning. Heading to Alston, meeting Nick at 1pm, the other three had...
  19. For Sale: 2009 Big V on the cheap

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    A 2009 Varadero silver comes with all the usuals for Honda, no lumps bumps or scratches mint condition with 3700 miles, it has a 12v socket, centre stand 45ltr Honda top box, Pannier racks with Panniers ( have sprayed them black look o.k) I do have it on ebay on the cheap for £5,000, Also you...
  20. Feeling a little crazy today

    Went out on the bike at 6am yesterday after working a 6 day week. Didnt get home til 8pm and mustve spent at least 8 hours in the saddle, although at relatively slow speeds supporting a charity cycle ride round Aylesbury direction. My head ached after wearing a new helmet for too long, back...