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  1. Africa Twin
    Hello! I want to ask for help. My africa rd04 have problems burn gasoline rear cylinder. spark plugs are completely wet. Its too much fuel. what would you suggest? thanks
  2. Africa Twin
    When stripping out the underseat tray I separated the square(ish) connector on the regulator and found the connections to be burnt looking! Should I be worried about this? Should I replace the connectors and if so where from? Help anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Transalp
    The exhaust headers on the transalp, are a sight for sore eyes. Surface rust galore! I've been considering heat wrapping the headers, which I've done previously on car exhaust manifolds. If I was to heat wrap the bike exhaust, with it being open to the elements, if it gets soaked from rain...
  4. Africa Twin
    Since 3 weeks ago I have had to replace a burnt out 20amp fuse (for starter motor and headlights) several times. The fuse burns out ONLY when I run with the headlights, which is all the time (DRLs). I have checked the relays for the starter and the headlights; they work fine. Any suggestions to...
  5. Africa Twin
    hi guys i think i got the wrong plugs for my xrv 650 i got DPR9EA9 instead of DPR8EA9 will i burn a hole in the pistons with the DPR9EA9,S or am i good to go...thanks in advance again..regards :confused::confused:
  6. XR
    enjoy. its not much but it is a start. XR650R SM FIRST ROLLING BURN OUT - YouTube
  7. Africa Twin
    today my 04 melted the junction and fuse on the starter relay according to green flag man.where do I get one please and is this just the problem or is there anything I should look for please?
  8. Accessories
    Does anyone make a headlight guard for the 700 Alp? Like the pic below, or in clear acrylic? Please don't suggest DIY, Id only burn my shed down or something equally disastrous! All I want is a nice, simple solution. Les
  9. Africa Twin
    Does anyone know why there's two plugs per cylinder (apart from "Thats how Honda designed it"). Trying to think of a technical reason. I guess its probably just for a more efficient burn?? The guy I bought the bike off suggested that one was "redundant" even though it ran all the time, & was...
  10. Chatter
    Some people may know i had my shift pattern changed to 3137, well at the moment i'm on my off days. I go back on thursday and can't wait it's 27 degrees down here and the last few days i've been ripping paths up at my mothers and relaying them. Thursday i will be back in the ice box and can't...
  11. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just back from Coast to Coast trip with Al (Tendays) and a couple of ABR's. Reports over on ABR.... Coast to....hmmmm, not coast Ended in disaster for me with a burnt out clutch...lots of falls. And we failed to achieve the mission. Just means a new trip......and we will succeed. Great fun
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi Does anyone has a HID conversion kit that want to share your own experience? I don't know if the 55W will burn wires or will damage the battery on my Africa Twin? Thanks all
  13. BMW
    Was riding with a lad from ABR who burnt his clutch on his GSA. Anyone any estimates of how much it will cost? I said Id ask as I know a few XRV'ers ride them. thanks.....
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    We have a small/medium kitchen/dining room table with 4 chairs for sale in light pine, the table has a glass top, the chairs have white cushions. I'll post a pic up shortly. Located in Saltburn (Cleveland) or can bring to Lancs. Phil
  15. Mechanical Advice
    hi guys, can someone give me the symptoms of too much oil in the air filter? or the wrong oil? could this cause a hard starting prob? could it also burn my plug out? :confused1:
  16. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hello Folks, Well, I made it back from Holland in one piece. I have to say, the motorways through France and Belgium were horrible, it was like a very long version of the M6 at Rush Hour, only with gustier cross-winds. Holland wasn't miuch better, now I know why there are so many windmills in...
  17. Africa Twin
    I lost about 5mm off the dipstick yesterday (I'm not worried, just asking out of curiosity) Considering it was 2 up, most of that was at an indicated 80 - 90 mph, and I hit the redline twice, that's not bad - I thought it would have used some, and more than 5mm.