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  1. Africa Twin
    Since 3 weeks ago I have had to replace a burnt out 20amp fuse (for starter motor and headlights) several times. The fuse burns out ONLY when I run with the headlights, which is all the time (DRLs). I have checked the relays for the starter and the headlights; they work fine. Any suggestions to...
  2. XR
    Hi lads! First time here! Got a BRP some weeks ago, and have been reading a lot on this forum for general knowledge, so already very grateful to all the people here! I have a few questions, as I think I may have screwed up already: Q1: Upon checking the oil too late, I found that I had...
  3. BMW
    BMW have just uploaded this video to YouTube... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm :confused::rolleyes::confused: YouTube - BMW S1000 RR. Burnout XXXL. Not sure whether BMW realise just how daft that is lol :D;)
  4. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Flicking through a few pics of bike trips from this year, made me smile - I thought I'd share a few of them with you. Ain't bikes great & roll on summer :thumbright: Two 'Hogs' at the Valley of Fire (near Las Vegas); The XRV trip to Wales; Next up, meeting friends at LeMans for the...
1-4 of 4 Results