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  1. Powdercoating top yoke (top bridge) - what happens to the rubber bushings?

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, I brought the frame of my RD07a, the wheels and several small parts to the powdercoater today. The top yoke was supposed to be coated as well - but I forgot about the rubber bushings in the top yoke, which cannot be replaced (well, the official Honda manual says they can be replaced...
  2. XR Fork identification help please?

    Hi, when i bought my little CRF230 a while back it had some mods done to it by a previous owner. The front forks have been changed to what i think might be XR250 ones? They are 41mm diameter? The fork gaiters had started showing signs of oil being blown out so i thought a service and new...
  3. replacing CRF fork seals

    CRF Technical Specs
    I keep wondering why this technical section has no threads in it so i'm going to refer you to a 'How to' article by "smash" on that has a pictorial walkthrough of doing the fork seal replacement :: View topic - How to: Showa Fork rebuild seals and oil change...
  4. Fork tween washer part number ?

    Hi, replaced my fork oil earlier this summer when I realised the the right inner fork "washer" (the metal ring holding the spring and bushings in place) was homemade, cut from a piece of plate. Anyone know what the part number is for the 1995 transalp VR, or even better where to get it from ?
  5. 87 transalp for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale is my 87 honda transalp part restored, The previous owner had stripped the bike to replace the gearbox mainshft, he had had the engine rebuilt and restoved the frame,swing arm and yokes purchased another exhaust and speedo and not got any further. I picked it up and have replaced the...
  6. HELP!!!! Bash plate rubber bits

    Africa Twin
    Hey all, I took off my bash plate and dropped and lost one of the rubber bushings and washer things. (please see microfiche RD07 - MV13-F3300D parts number 14 and 15) So what I need is does any one know what these things are really called, and does anyone know who would sell em. I will contact...